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Friday, August 12, 2005

Motion City Soundtrack ruined the day and somehow saved the day…

I thought going to Warped Tour was going to the greatest thing ever. For years and years Kristy and I have sought out to go to the Warped Tour and this year we finally got to partly because it was Montage Mountain. We bought our tickets the week after they were sold and anticipated the day when we would finally go and rock. When that day came everything seemed right on. We got there early around 9 and waited in line for two hours. Along with Kristy and I were Megan and Megan and Megan’s cousin. People were selling crap and bands would sell their CDs and we bought them, I bought three which cost altogether $9 and the one was a benefit CD. KT, Megan and her cousin bought some band’s CD which after reading the titles of their songs (one was called “Chocolate Covered Bullet”) I determined to be crap and after reading their lyrics the others determined they were crap. That’s why we bought from bands that let us have a listen, like this one band Defining Moment which I liked so I bought their CD. When we got in we look at the schedule and I was going to kill… we were leaving at 7 and who was playing at 8, my 4th favourite band ever, Motion City Soundtrack. I had to construct a plan. Well, we got stages and times for other bands and the 5 of us went checking out where everything was, it was like 11 then. While we were checking the place out Kristy, me, and Kristy’s ex Chris got separated from the other 3, we thought we’d find them later on at the Senses Fail show which was at 12:15, we walked around and it was nearly 12 when we went to the stage, we should have gotten there earlier because we weren’t far from the stage but there were a lot of tall people. So we saw Senses Fail and I thought they were ok, Kristy didn’t think so. The next band up was Fall Out Boy, but they took a half hour to set up in which me and Kristy tried to get as close to the stage as possible and we managed to do so. While we were waiting I was becoming increasingly annoyed at the skanks and tall people but then I went all crazy because we saw a certain someone on the side of the stage, since Kristy had my camera, because she’s tall and could get pictures, I have about ten pictures of the back and top of Justin Pierre’s head. We got separated from Chris who had KT’s camera so she had my camera because she needed to get pics of Pete and I told her to get some of Patrick for me. When Fall Out Boy came on everyone went crazy and acted like crazies and were pushing to get closer. I got separated from Kristy and I along with a number of others fell multiple times and Fall Out Boy had to stop to tell the audience to back up. I couldn’t take it so I had to get out for fear of dying. That was the last time I saw Kristy all day. We found the two Megans and we went to chill at the Hurley and Volcom stages, where I spent my whole time and got to see awesome bands. Then 4 o’ clock came around and I was right in front for when Reggie and the Full Effect played and it was awesome and I took a lot of pics with Megan’s camera. Then, Fluxuation was going to be playing at the MySpace tent at 5:45. Between the end of the show and the start of the other show I went looking for everyone and I never saw anyone again. At 5:45 I was there for that show and it was great. The whole day I had a headache because I am horrible in the sun and heat which caused me to get sick three times. It could have been twice but when I swallowed it the first time it caused me puke again and the third time I just threw up on the sidewalk as well as all over my self and the killer sweet green Motion City Soundtrack track jacket that I had just bought. I ended up smelling and although I tried to get what I could off it never got off. So I sat at the Hurley and Volcom stages until Motion City Soundtrack came on. Around 7:30 when some crap band stopped playing and Gratitude came on I made my way trying to get to the front I got really close, there was someone in front of me, and then I started to see them setting up and it was awesome. Then, they finally came on and it was totally awesome. They played all the songs I hoped they would play, First they played “Don’t Call It A Comeback” then “Capital H” which is one of my favouritest songs ever, and then “My Favorite Accident”, “Time Turns Fragile”, “L. G. Fuad”and “The Future Freaks Me Out” and they ended with “Everything is Alright” and I rawked out hard. That was probably the best time I had ever had. I lost a pin and was ready to kill someone and I had my rings on and if there was someone I didn’t like I shoved them into their backs. As it turned out the people I came with left without me and as I left the show my dad found me. And told me that my mum was a mess and was really angry. But everyone knew where I was because for like ever I said I really only cared about seeing Motion city Soundtrack so my mom told my dad where I would be at. I’m mad at Kristy and everyone else because I didn’t get to see a lot of the bands I really wanted to see, like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, Thrice and Matchbook Romance but I’ll have other chances, hopefully. And now I doubt mum will let me listen to MCS again.
Check back for another entry about all the other crap that has happened during this summer and reviews on two of the greatest movies ever made- The Devil’s Rejects and Land of the Dead as well as photos from the Warped Tour.

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