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Sunday, May 15, 2005

+Mood: well, it's 3:20 in the morning
+Current Quoet or Conversation: I way don't know- "It's been a year since Florida was last raped by that hurricane..."
+Inside Joke: I'm rambling on to myself about Herbie out load and laughing, only me, Ian, Herb gets it
+Dreading: having to write and give a speech on political prisoners
+Reason why people are mad at me:
+Reading: a collection of H. P. Lovecraft stories
+Wearing: purple sheep pants and green stripped shirt
+Current music: the humming of the computer- the tv's on but i have no idea what is on, it's some movie on the scifi channel with the guy that played henry in henry: portrait of a serial killer
+Current songs i like: "Beverly Hills" WEEZER!, "Decent Dayd and Nights" The Futurheads, "Banquet" Bloc Party, "I Predict a Riot" Kaiser Chiefs, "Rebellion (Lies)" Arcade Fire, "Helena" My Chemical Romance, "All That I Got" The Used, "Rest will Follow" ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead, "(I foget how many) Military Wives"- The Decemberists, "BYOB" System of a Down
+Current albums i like: MAKE BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WEEZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also: Silent Alarm- Bloc Party, Employment- Kaiser Chiefs
+Current movies i like: Fortress 2: Re- Entry- I just saw this today and I also just relized that there was a second one but come on, no D- Day?
Movies I Want to See: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, Blood Feast
+Current tv shows: i haven't been watching alot of tv, if i do it's FUSE. which is totally sweet.- steven's untitled rock show

Hey, now my friends are getting on the web,, this is my bfff's journal. That's "Best Flippin' Friend Forever"

Well, it's been some time since I last corresponded. And I can't believe the amount of crap that went down!
The last time I blogged was the beginning of the school year and now it's almost over- only 22 (I think) days to go!!!

I am going to recap the last few months, maybe not now, it's like 5 and i am tired from staying up and chatting with hot guys. No, like always I was on some site reading movie reviews (stupid b- movies and horror)

Man, I would kill to watch the Frighteners. It was on Tuesday(I also had to run the, oh, yeah, I mean walk the mile that day, 16 minutes and 44 seconds...) and it was awesome, it was also the first time mom saw it, even though I' ve rented it numerous times and watched it dozens of times, she didn't understand it and kept mentioning the fact she though my dad kinda looked like Michael J. Fox. I told Kristy that it was like one of the greastest movies ever and to watch it and she did and the next day she was all like "Geri, I watched The Frighteners last night..." And I was like yeah? "That movie was so awesome!" I said I told you! And then she had to ruin the moment with, "Jake Busey was way hot." I laughed and said way no way, it's all about Milton! And she got angry and we went to French.

I have to admit I am a little disappointed with the new Weezer album.
It's not as good as I hoped it to be.

On the other hand, one cd I love is Employment by the Kaiser Chiefs. Especially since I won it along with 3 pins, a X- box, another controller, DVD adaptor, and 3 games from a contest I enter On Fuse. TV. I came home found a bunch of boxes on the porch, Ian and I thought we were being threatened by terrorists.

Another totally awesome thing...
I joined the Envirothon a while back. Our group, The Hairy Wood peckers, consisting of Dusty (Forestry), Dan (Wildlife), Cindy (Aquatics), Amanda (Soil), and me (Current Issue and captain). Managing Cultural Landscapes was the issue and it sucked. Out of 20 teams from I think 4 or 5 schools, we placed 9th! Which isn't bad for the freshmen team. Plus we beat the other freshmen team from Susky- The Black Ash Woodchucks- that everyone said were going to do better. Of course the kids with the Envirothon jackets from Mountainview won. The highest we placed was 4th. We were sure we were going to get disqualified because Dusty was really load and obnoxious when I had to take my test. It was really cold that day and we didn't have have any warmth until the busride back. And we had to spend the whole day with Chuck (who Friday [we got out early, at 1, because someone hit power lines underground while digging. Sweet.] yelled at me and Megan because we were whispering and doing a worksheet while people were giving their interesting fact on an element {my element is Francium, though I wish it was Ytterbium}. Screw him, I hope he chokes, dies, and goes to hell). We also had a good time on our Earthday Trip to Kirby Park.

I had the National Junior Honor Society ceremony not to long ago and we had to read crud. I had to read something about scholarship. I sucked.

People, come and stop at Susky High's homepage where you can access the Cutting Edge!
It is good. Check out the killer Black History collage me and the Megans made.

This summer is going to to be killer! Land of the Dead! I might be taking photography classes! Not seeing ppl at school! No school! And to top it all off August 11 WARPED TOUR!!! So sweet!

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