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Saturday, September 25, 2004

+Mood: tired, comme ce comme ca
+Current Quoet or Conversation:
+Inside Joke:
+Dreading: school
+Reason why people are mad at me: ian is mad because i went to see shaun of the dead, even though if he went he would have pefered resident evil
+Reading: rope (still- will geri ever finish?!?)
+Wearing: pjs
+Current music: video games and futurama
+Current songs i like: modest mouse- ocean breathes salty, strange video
+Current albums i like: nothing new, still waiting for interpol
+Current movies i like: shaun of the dead
+Current tv shows: the office

Bonjour! Salut! Ca va? - hey i can count to 100!

this may have been the worst week of my life.
hurricane ivan totally screwed us over.
something happened in our basement and we didn't have hot water.
taking a cold shower twice a day is not kewl
then something happened with a skunk and we couldn't use the water.
it's driving me bonkers(that was a good show, i watch it on toon disney).

i missed two days this week, monday and friday, because of this shit.

picture day was tuesday, i have to admit, this year was a sucess and i will be glad to hand out these photos :)

i am now the joint editor of the school's paper, the cutting edge, along with Megan, this is going to be sweet.

today i went to the theatre and saw shaun of the dead. it was totally sweet. in my opinion it is the best film of the year.

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