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Sunday, September 19, 2004

+Mood: pissed
+Dreading: school
+Reading: rope(still)
+Current songs i like: 1985-bowling for soup, this is mom’s anthem, this fire- Franz Ferdinand
+Current tv shows: nothing new


Another week, another post.

Tropical storm Ivan really affected NEPA. Flooding was really severe. We’re considered a disaster area. Mom called and said the yard was a mess. Lady needed a life jacket to go out. Mom filled bags with kitty litter. (Last two sentences to be read with sarcasm.) Lanesboro had to be evacuated. They had to go to the school.

I missed my first day Monday.

This People to People thing is more complex than I thought. You have to go through a selection process. Great, I’m not that likable. If I do go it would be freakin’ sweet.

School is a bore.

Physics- The metric system is lame.
French- I can count to 79, say my ABCs, the time, and introduce myself.
English- We’ve read The Cask of Amontillado and The Most Dangerous Game.
History- We learned about early European explorations to North and South America.
Tech- Just shoot me. Lame ass class. I hate these chairs.
Lunch- freakin sweet.
Geometry- Come on its math but it’s still better than last year.
Painting- This is so queer, last year it was kewl.
3:05- Freakin’ sweet!

Hey, I finally bought Life of Python.

I hope we don’t have school on Monday…

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