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Saturday, September 25, 2004

+Mood: tired, comme ce comme ca
+Current Quoet or Conversation:
+Inside Joke:
+Dreading: school
+Reason why people are mad at me: ian is mad because i went to see shaun of the dead, even though if he went he would have pefered resident evil
+Reading: rope (still- will geri ever finish?!?)
+Wearing: pjs
+Current music: video games and futurama
+Current songs i like: modest mouse- ocean breathes salty, strange video
+Current albums i like: nothing new, still waiting for interpol
+Current movies i like: shaun of the dead
+Current tv shows: the office

Bonjour! Salut! Ca va? - hey i can count to 100!

this may have been the worst week of my life.
hurricane ivan totally screwed us over.
something happened in our basement and we didn't have hot water.
taking a cold shower twice a day is not kewl
then something happened with a skunk and we couldn't use the water.
it's driving me bonkers(that was a good show, i watch it on toon disney).

i missed two days this week, monday and friday, because of this shit.

picture day was tuesday, i have to admit, this year was a sucess and i will be glad to hand out these photos :)

i am now the joint editor of the school's paper, the cutting edge, along with Megan, this is going to be sweet.

today i went to the theatre and saw shaun of the dead. it was totally sweet. in my opinion it is the best film of the year.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

+Mood: pissed
+Dreading: school
+Reading: rope(still)
+Current songs i like: 1985-bowling for soup, this is mom’s anthem, this fire- Franz Ferdinand
+Current tv shows: nothing new


Another week, another post.

Tropical storm Ivan really affected NEPA. Flooding was really severe. We’re considered a disaster area. Mom called and said the yard was a mess. Lady needed a life jacket to go out. Mom filled bags with kitty litter. (Last two sentences to be read with sarcasm.) Lanesboro had to be evacuated. They had to go to the school.

I missed my first day Monday.

This People to People thing is more complex than I thought. You have to go through a selection process. Great, I’m not that likable. If I do go it would be freakin’ sweet.

School is a bore.

Physics- The metric system is lame.
French- I can count to 79, say my ABCs, the time, and introduce myself.
English- We’ve read The Cask of Amontillado and The Most Dangerous Game.
History- We learned about early European explorations to North and South America.
Tech- Just shoot me. Lame ass class. I hate these chairs.
Lunch- freakin sweet.
Geometry- Come on its math but it’s still better than last year.
Painting- This is so queer, last year it was kewl.
3:05- Freakin’ sweet!

Hey, I finally bought Life of Python.

I hope we don’t have school on Monday…

Saturday, September 11, 2004


+Mood: tired
+Current Quoet or Conversation: "The table is shrinking."
+Inside Joke: kt getting poked in the eye with pizza
+Dreading: school
+Totally kewl thing(s): my new glasses(they're maroonish) and haircut
+Reason why people are mad at me: i'm an utter bastard.
+Reading: rope(still)
+Wearing: brown trosers, red & white striped shirt, a ramones t shirt, and a bunch of pins
+Current music: i'm singing to myself, "these are the daves i know, i know..."
+Current songs i like: green day- american idiot
+Current albums i like: still rawkin' it out to Franz ferdinand
+...and one i'm egerly anticipating: Interpol- antics
+Current movies i like: uhf,
+...and one i'm unsure about: brazil
+Current tv shows: i've been watching the same old stuff python, kith, young ones(a brittish show she actually likes! she said she watched it back in the '80s when it was on mtv), aybs?, ucb

well the first 2 weeks of 9th grade are over. and this might not be so much of a bad year.

here's my schedule:

Advanced Physical science
Adv. English
Adv. American history
Study Hall/Gym
this quarter's rotational class- Today's Tech

i like it so far, boring to a point, i don't have many friends in most of my classes but hey.

next year, i'm going to be part of this people to People student ambassador program in which i'll go over to england , scotland, and Ireland. yay! watching english sheep dogs heard sheep, mix soda bread, explore the tower of london, meet a member of parliment, and i think it said something about dancing on hte paper. we have to go to a meeting tomarror for it.

inspriration has striken again. this time i have fabricated a film idea similar to that of the Wind in the Willows and the young ones. it will star myself as a rat character, ian a badger, and hopefully kristy a toad and chelsey a weasle. from what i have it's pretty good.

ian has a girlfriend, ian is mad at mom for bringing it up. ha ha ha .

kristy has blackmail photos of ian we plan on making t shirts out of them.

ian has found simularities between the young ones and ourselves.
we were watching the Bambi epidsode
ian says how he's like vyvyan, mum goes no your like rick. ian says that i'm like rick or something. i look at Ian and then on the telly rick says "Hands up who likes me." then mum goes "that's geri"
it came up when kristy was over and she's spacey. it was the 3 of us and said we're kind of like the young ones, ian's vyvyan, kristy's neil, and ian said your'e rick
ha ha ha

11 o' clock. i;m tired. TTFN!

oh, you're no fun anymore!

There's a Kangaroo on my Balcony
Weezing in the Hall

...always look on the
bright side of life...

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