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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Greetings from Nanticoke on a nice summer day!

+Mood: jittery
+Current Quoet or Conversation: "Mentos?... the fesh maker!" "No, put something about a brain tumor in there."
+Inside Joke: chids
+Dreading: school
+Totally kewl thing(s): I bought Mr. Toad's Wild Ride last night and Brazil last saturday and I'm trying to get 20 bucks to buy AYBS? the Movie (finally)
Yay! i finally have relized how to play guitar, it took me a while but i know can, it still is horrible but i don't know...
+Reason why people are mad at me: I'm singing Brand New way too loud and with too much emotion...
+Reading: rope(still)
+Wearing: plaid pants, spam shirt, and strawberry shortcake flip flops
+Current music: the ramones-anthology and alkaline trio-from here to infirmary
+Current songs i like:memory- sugarcult(when ever i hear it i think Kristy for some reason)
+Current albums i like: i have been listening to a lot of simon and garfunkel
+Current movies i like: M(a strange older german film with subtitles), Monster, i just relized that when they play day of the dead on tv parts are cut out
+Current tv shows: aybs?, Python, ucb, strangers with candy, odd british television shows on pbs, mad tv(older epidsodes though), fuse, tcm, ifc, family guy, futurama, law and order: SVU, reno 911, and crossballs(utterly hilarious)

this summer really sucks it...

it went by really fast and that pisses me off...

i did absolutely nothing...
i didn't do any thing with friends...
they're lame, totally lame, except kristy...
well yeah, kind of...
it's always "hey kristy what do you want to do?" "i don't know."

i can't sit still today as with yesterday I've been drinking too much tea and I'm not good with a lot of caffine. i haven't been able to Mr. Toad's Wild Ride yet because i can't sit still.

i have decided to postpone the actual filming of the turtle and the rat: the saddest story never told until at least next year. we need a larger budget and a rewrite of the script. and more ambition.

i'm such a baby, i can't even stay a week a way from my mum
and i miss Biggs and Gumby too. their cute grey little faces and noses. and little hands and feet. and their tails. and the way they stare at you with their beady little black eyes because even your own rats think you're crazy.


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