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Thursday, July 01, 2004

hey there!

blogging has become increasingly difficult for me to do.
i'm just becoming too lazy to do this.

well i've been here since last friday and i will continue to be here until next sunday. but i will attempt to go home on that saturday for certain reasons.

there is so much to recount for.

i am actually attempting to fix my websites. will the work never cease.

it seems to be lunch time.

Mood: annoyed

Current Quoet or Conversation:

"Kristy- What's shubert?
Geri- I have no idea."
- Behind the scenes of Making The Turtle and the Rat

Inside Joke:

dreading: getting my hair cut

Reading: rope

Wearing: clothes

Current music: misc. things

current songs i like: franz ferdinand- take me out(this is one of the greatest songs i have ever heard, The Von Bondies- C'mon C'mon, coheed and cambria- a favor house in the atlantic

current albums i like: franz ferdinand

current movies i like: man bites dog, i actually liked this.

current tv shows: are you being served? and mad tv, it seems like those are the only things i have been watching and i don't favour mad tv that much. plus i really like velvet soup and trailer park boys(mom thinks this is really funny surprisingly) which i have been watching after Python on Thursdays as well as Little Brittain


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