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Friday, July 09, 2004

Boy I haven’t been diligent with updating this blog now have I.
I broke everything down into weeks. I had written down events in a notebook but I never bothered to add them to my blog. Well……

Week 1:
Monday- I felt totally sick today and we had to run the mile. I actually threw up in school.
Tuesday- I stayed home. I painted and watched Are you being Served?
Wednesday- I hate missing school. The next day is always awkward.
Thursday- We had the Mafia hit man in for English. We did a play adaptation of ella enchanted. I was narrator 2.In civics we had a nice discussion on tabloids. At lunch chelsey and I talked again about if someone just exploded or spontaneously combusted. Science gives me headaches even though it is my best class. Geological time scales and trilobites are lame. We talked about sex and birth control in health. Everyone in class heard the rumors about the teacher too. Creepy. In home ec. Surbert and fruit, whoo yay! And we went over our children posters. The oldest child poster totally rawked. Especially since I took control of the project. For the last two days Kristy and I have been preparing for our film about a turtle(kristy) and her friend a rat(me) who start a punk rock band. Ian always have to come home when it’s the most awkward moments like when I’m dancing or singing.
Friday-Half day again! As on most Fridays I cleaned B and G’s cage. In English we did a play and I played a girl who got drunk. In civics we talked about pizza. And in science Bag asked me to answer a question on our HW and I was all like “they both fly or something”. And I was accepted into the National Junior Honor Society.
Saturday- Day with Mom. We watched the fly and we wondered what if her head was replaced with a salamander’s. We ended up renting movies. I picked out two awesomely great films, Texas Chainsaw Massacre( the original not the shitty remake) and Night of the Living Dead(the original, I’m currently writing a screenplay like it). Plus I picked out some of the not so great movies- House by the Cemetery, The Hills Have Eyes Part 2(someone taped over it with Everybody’s Baby)(the hills have eyes is an awesome movie why would someone tape over it, and why would some one tape over it with everybody’s baby, who would even tape everybody’s baby, made for tv movies like that totally suck and are totally lame)(word) and Children of the Living Dead(a total piece of shit). And mom had rented another one of her horrid movies, S.I.C.K., it sucked .
Friends have been noticing my speech impediment becoming more pronounced (Kwisty!). 6 years of speech class does wonders.
Week 2:
Monday- I had a majorly (I didn’t know it wasn’t a word) painful tooth ache. I just wallowed in pain the whole day. For some reason all I did later on was throw up. Disgusting. And it smelled funny around me. Ewww.
Tuesday- Dad made an appointment to a dentist. But it wasn’t soon enough. At first I didn’t think he was the dentist. I hate needles. The last time I had to have a shot, another nurse was needed to hole my arm down and the whole escapade lasted close to half an hour. To have my tooth extracted I had have at least 5 needles in my mouth. That was totally lame. The whole procedure lasted about an hour. Everyone told me how brave I was. I don’t know.
Wednesday- back to school.
Thursday- KT and I had more creative differences. Some people did sit ins in civics. They just sat on the floor. I have to take penicillin.
Friday-Chelsey stole a paper bowl. Later in the day mum had me go into Schneider’s to buy dish detergent and paper towels. Now the store I am quite familiar with but it took around 15 minutes for me to be in there. When I got back into the car I had found I had cut myself while in there and I had blood running down my face. Now that sound more dramatic than what really happened actually.
Week 3:
(unavailable at the moment)
Week 4:
Monday- We started to wtch The Diary of Anne frank. She fell alsleep and I think someone said “find something to throw at her.” I’m actually getting this adding Ax+by =c or standard form expressions in algebra. We finished the Mirical of Birth in Health and it ended with some lady having a baby. And they showed it. Totally uncool. The only way to silence a group of eight graders. Making brownies is not fun when you watch someone make them.I finished my tiger. It sorta rawks. I swear if I watch the rutles while I do something the best of my creativity comes out.
Week 5:
In English we are doing powerpoints about the Holocaust. My subject is Kristallnacht. KT first was doing Hitler’s Youth meaning the children following Hitler, her first slide- Hitler as a Baby. Then she was doing the Non- Jewish victims of the Holocaust, one of her slides- Polish Jews. She said she just copied and pasted everything nad if it was about Jewish people she just deleted any words about jewish people. I said wtch you’ll get a 90 or 95, she got a 90. In painting we did our abstract expressionistic paintings and watched Pollock. We finally had our eggs graded. Wait, let’s rewind.Last Thursday my class started the baby egg project. I had twin boys. They had the dorkiest names ever. I don’t even wan to say what they were and nobody but chelsey got it. Although hers were crazy too, Horatio Ruxford and something wolfgang. And the dad, why was he even the father. But they did have cute black hair and glasses. The one died. Sadly. We were supposed to have them graded that Friday but our teacher is part of the fire department and there was a fire. Over the weekend I made a coffin, drew up a death certificate, had mom write a note saying she broke the egg, and to top it all off and being geri I wrote a rough copy of an autopsy report. I only got a 85. KT broke both her eggs and didn’t do anything but have a note from her mom and she made off with a 90. We made cookies in home ec. Last week. Mom wouldn’t try any. This week we made apple crisps in the microwave, wendy’s frosties, and these snak crackers that were totally addictive. Is it wrong to like the same guy as your friend or conspire against a class mate(the gang were going to beat up Shannon in gym class and make it look like an accident, what a joke or make her jealous). Wait Kristy and I didn’t lie about how many sit ups we did this time. Honesty rawks.
Week 6:
Another Summary-
Algebra- I don’t bother to pay much attention. The boys toss paper balls around the room.
Science- I know a lot about the moon, it kewl.
Home ec.- last week of cooking . strawberry daiquiris, pizza bites, taco rings, brownie pizza(I made this basically with help from brit) and sloppy joes in the microwave(I toasted the rolls, I had a cold), and Dan started a fire twice. And we had technical difficulties with the toasters and microwaves.
Week 7:
KT came over Sunday night, we had a talent show in our driveway at night.
And we were running about the yard and in the road. We totally rawked out. Kristy won. Oh just because she’s a guest.
-I don’t remember about the rest of this week
Week 8:
Last week of dreadful eighth grade. Finals are retarded. Momsey got all my grades raised in English. My powerpoint on Kristallnacht is now a 95 from an 85, my anne frank test that stood at a 66 is now a 99, and once again my graham chapman report caused some problems as a research essay it earned a 95 but as an informative essay it was graded as a 65. Unfortunately, it is still only an 80. Last day of school, June 10th, we only had 10th period. 1 and ½ hours in home ec. We played games basically. Not that much of a great last day. This Friday we got Chinese, It was enevitable. On Saturday we went to Grandma’s house for Ian’s birthday. What fun. Of course we had to talk about my education.

Things written in the margins of my papers (memories of school):

“Not eating, water coloured tigers, anne frank.”= no clue to what that means
“extreme shopping”- civics class reference
Jeff suggesting to do a show called “Pimp my Teacher”
“Distribuatation and consumpuatation. Yes and we’re getting a edumacation.”- civics
“How long is thy tests that yee must take.”- Brent in algebra
“Brent –that happened it would be cool
Mr. bag- or it may be warm”- I don’t remember what brent was actually talking about but that time in science was funny
“you got a furry pencil”- dan to someone after they sharpened their pencil in the old crappy sharpener
“Fridge benefits” instead of fringe benefits
Pajama philosophy- it was pj day and I started to ramble on about how pajamas are what you make them and crazy stuff like that
“They took our jobs!”- Ian for days after watching south park, he thinks its hilarious
“Geri, remember night rider.”- momsey
“don’t pick my nose!”- Kirk
Wave to the pretty camera- written on note to kristy
Timmy action- home ec. Reference
Rat says hello, turty says shut up retard
“Craig close your legs”- photographer during national honor society group shot
“Sad- ist”- kristy
“don’t turn and laugh around when they are talking about erections.” kristy during health class
“the only funny thing that happened this year was when Rachel got stuck in the stall and had to crawl out.”- chelsey
hey there!- inside joke
“Air supply and Journey ROCK!”- Kristy actually on tape
on the subject of passion fruit popsicles- passion equals butt, in more ways than one
popsicle déjà vu-
tristen- all popsicles are cold right
geri- yeah, wait. Didn’t this happen before
ian- yeah.
Geri- whoa I gotta write this down
Ian- geri look its ninja jesus
“I hope one day, I’m so famous or great I can be a parrot. If you heard that it was a sarcastic statement.”- geri
kristy dropping my mom’s precious cake
yorqurt or yohgurt or yoghurt ???

Recently(since school has been over):
Well, ian went to dad’s house for a while(thank God). When I came back Kristy and I spent some time shooting our selves for our film. I hope those tapes never see the light of day. We had the making of and the performances. The making of is crazy. The two of us explaining the film and kristy dancing in the middle of the road or us eating ice cream and cake or jamming out to blink 182 and of course the many arguments about the rutles.
On the performances tape we jam out to blink, green day, modern English, the cars, devo, a- ha, kiss, cheap trick, pavement, sugarcult, tbs, brand new, and some other things in my garage, the door was opened. At one point a car actually slowed down and pulled into the driveway. We are total dorks, and then the camera went on us and our work is still unfinished. Plus the actual script is unfinished. I have writers block again. And kristy doesn’t want to shoot ourselves down town at the bank or on the banks of the susky. I always since I saw the rutles wanted to do the banks of the mississsippi thing only with the Susquehanna. Kwazy. My days were spent alone with lady, macy, biggles, and g-man. Just chilling.
I get up usually around 9, drag my self out of bed, go down stairs “straighten up” and clean around the house, eat breakfast, life usually, I take a shower and dress after a few minutes of trying to motivate myself, come back down watch tv for a while while I either write, draw, or paint or even talk to the others around me even though they don’t listen or answer(if they did than whoa.) listen to music or watch fuse, eat lunch, usually pizza, take the dog out, go back to what ever I was doing before, around 2: 30 I just chill and then watch aybs?, go back to what I was doing, stop around 5 and prepare for the arrival of mom, hope she won’t yell at me, sit and talk with mom, chill out with mom, go up stairs watch python or kith for a while, take another shower, read, and I go to bed. If only every day was like that. Some days you know there’s 50 car pile-ups, towering infernos, monsoon like storms, animals escaping from the zoo and running amok killing the tourists, and fat German business men pretending they’re acrobats and forming pyramids and frightening the children, there’s always nonsense going on about the house every other day of the week. Utter insanity. Well maybe not as many crazy things like that but I have almost burned the house down on two separate occasions since then. And the next time I had to come down to dad’s house I had to stay for 2 weeks. yay… nothing was that different. It was even worse you could say. Ian and tristen. I love them but I can’t stand them for long. As well as dad. Well at least there was the internet. Nothing happened here so it really sucked for the most part. We didn’t go any where. We did go to the park to see fire works. I hate fire works with a passion but hey. Down here I got hooked on watching talk shows. Talk shows are really lame and retarded. I always feel better after watching them because then I know they are people worse off then me. I bought a pair of shows from the kids section of a store again. They are totally kewl. They have polka dots on them. I went grocery shopping with them at some store. I will never go there again. It sucked. It was so bland and lame in there. And filled with old people. Never again.
Last saturday was awesome. Twilight marathon. AWESOME! Totally. I got a haircut Monday. It’s a pretty awesome haircut I must say. And this Thursday I bought the rats a cage. The things I sacrifice for my loved ones. It came with a platform and a ramp to put inside but Biggs freaked over the ramp. He became almost violent and most certainly erratic. The two I don’t think are particularly fond of me for some reason I could never ascertain. Kristy finally got a hold of me and we have been talking to each other. She called but ended up chatting with mom, mom called she said kristy had to tell me something she heard on the radio. It turned out I already knew about it(later on I saw it on cnn too) but we later chatted on the web. Well, we go back Saturday morning.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

hey there!

blogging has become increasingly difficult for me to do.
i'm just becoming too lazy to do this.

well i've been here since last friday and i will continue to be here until next sunday. but i will attempt to go home on that saturday for certain reasons.

there is so much to recount for.

i am actually attempting to fix my websites. will the work never cease.

it seems to be lunch time.

Mood: annoyed

Current Quoet or Conversation:

"Kristy- What's shubert?
Geri- I have no idea."
- Behind the scenes of Making The Turtle and the Rat

Inside Joke:

dreading: getting my hair cut

Reading: rope

Wearing: clothes

Current music: misc. things

current songs i like: franz ferdinand- take me out(this is one of the greatest songs i have ever heard, The Von Bondies- C'mon C'mon, coheed and cambria- a favor house in the atlantic

current albums i like: franz ferdinand

current movies i like: man bites dog, i actually liked this.

current tv shows: are you being served? and mad tv, it seems like those are the only things i have been watching and i don't favour mad tv that much. plus i really like velvet soup and trailer park boys(mom thinks this is really funny surprisingly) which i have been watching after Python on Thursdays as well as Little Brittain


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