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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Greetings from ratty, biggie, g-man, graham catman, mocy, lody, and hercules

Mood: tired

Current Quoet or Conversation: "I better get a good nite of sleep. I don not want to fall alsleep in science again when we talk bout the relative age of rocks. How old rocks are compared to other rocks."

Inside Joke: beano, you put the lime in the cocnut, garfunkal, is that a sport, what if he was right over your shoulder?, i can't believe i bumped into him!, your left thinking but what about bub?, hey vronsky your letter was retarded

dreading: school in general

Reading: the adventures of sherlock holmes

Wearing: pajamas

Current music: i like chinese

current songs i like: yeah yeah yeahs- maps, phantom planet- big brat, outkast- roses, yellow card- ocean ave., blink 182- miss you, stereogram- walkie talkie man(ithink thats what its called)

current albums: weezer the blue album reissue

current movies i like: dawn of the dead

current tv shows: are you being served, green acres (two shows I've watched ever since I was really little)

well i decided to finally post here again

so lets see what I'v been doing for the last 4 months.

dec.- christmas
Boy what a nice time of year. i haven't a clue to what happened besides x mas. i don't even remember what i got. i know i got some cds, shirts, journals, paint, my Monty Python and the Holy Grail Action figures, and my pet rats.

They are the best things I ever got. Ones grey the other is grey and white. theyre are brothers. they rock.

From January to Feburary I don't know what was going on here.

In March I got a deficientcy in english. my grade was a 50. Supossidely i never handed my graham report in. It can about two days after I handed it in. I later received a 95 on it(it deserved a 100, kristy's was a lame, boring report on john lennon and got a 95 also) but i think it was because she didn't like him. After i did my presentation, which i rewrote all of my notecards, she asked the most retarded question, "So he was a doctor and became an entertainer?" i said yes and she rolled her eyes. She didn't record any of my grades and 2 weeks later she asked why I never handed it in.
I'm going to kill that teacher like everyone else wants to.

Here a tidbits of things i'd like to not for myself:

i've been curling my hair, it's short so it's afroish
i've been writting screenplays and creating more comics
i created and started to write for a sitcom
we got a new tv after our old one broke, and one day mom and mike came home with a new car, i don't know why we're buying new things now
surprisingly, i haven't been watching a lot of tv, ian and mom have been watching alot and i don't like most of the shows like x play or mad tv
i'm in keyboarding and i hate it, i don't use proper technique, typing and typing from a stupid text book, this week i'm going to home ec. and we get to coo, yay!
we finished the book THE PEARL, i'm not a big fan of john steinbeck, ever since i was in 4th grade i hated reading his books, i didn't expect the baby to die
On April Fools Day i didn't pull off any pranks or jokes. i tried the sam got hit by a car joke with my friends but i ended up laughing before i pilled it off
kids in my algebra class are acting like our teacher is hitler, they do the arm solute things, well in my opinion most math teachers are like nazis
i saw dawn of the dead in the theatre, it was good but not as good as the original
at one point i was surprised and i jumped and screamed and threw my box of reeses pieces up in the air, it was funny, to my dad
i'm still trying to dye my hair to a medium brown colour, i dyed it close to 4 times already and it remains as a dark brown
the weezer dvd came out a few weeks ago, kewl, it rawks
i'm still trying to organize this geri website i created a mouth ago

well thats all i can think of now im off to take a shower

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