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Friday, April 16, 2004

Greetings from ratty, biggie, g-man, lambmie, hecubus, graham catman, mocy, lody, and hercules

Mood: same old same old

Current Quoet or Conversation:
Damon-"Why do you live in Strucca?"
Dan-"Because my parents do."
Dan-"It starts when a man and a woman really like each other..."

Inside Joke: beano, you put the lime in the cocnut, garfunkal, is that a sport, what if he was right over your shoulder?, i can't believe i bumped into him!, your left thinking but what about bub?, hey vronsky your letter was retarded, crane man and monkey boy, smack rashel?, ciggy, extreme shopping, you brought a bunch of guns to school? it was ok back then (last 3 are civics related), "elephants, kangaroos, koalas, wombats, and native american idians", pimp my teacher instead of pimp my ride

dreading: the future

Reading: the adventures of sherlock holmes

Wearing: pajamas

Current music: dad complaining

current songs i like: outkast- roses, stereogram- walkie talkie man, the stills- still in love

current albums: weezer the blue album reissue

current movies i like: can't think of any i saw recently that were good

current tv shows: are you being served?, i've been watching this like crazy

This last two weeks haven't been different from any others. Let's review...

week one:

monday-nothing special. we read Hamlet in english, i did not have a part.

tuesday-same old, same old. we did King Lear, i was the narrator and a jester. i spent a few days trying to figure out what was the referance to King Lear. I finally found it. finally, the last day of keyboarding!

wednesday-I hate eighth grade. we did Romeo and Juliet. And yes I gave a stuning performance as Juliet. we started family and consumer science. i think it's going to be fun. but chelsey and i can't make rude, silly remarks because we do not sit close to each other.

thursday-Crap happens on half days. i came home and cleaned the rats' cage and watched The Rutles

friday- no school!!!!!!!!!!! it was a long day though. ian and i had a nice day. we watched the telly (on the history channel there was a marathon of terry jones' medieval lives, we watched it even though i taped them a while ago) and played tennis, the indoor, geri and ian version. It was boring, so boring I made muffins for no reall reason. i really liked the muffins. i ate all of them. those were good muffins. ryan had to spoil the fun when he brought the texas chainsaw massacre. i hate that film, it's crap. i don't know why i even bothered to see it in the theatre.

saturday- all i can remember doing was that i watched farenheit 451 for the milllionth time in my life

sunday- easter, holidays are not the best times of the year. mom gave me monet and dad i going to buy me something

week two:

monday- we had a sub in for bag. and utter chaos insued. and we were paired up in home ec. to introduce each other. we are a class of 85 kids, we know each other.

tuesday- boy, weird poeple show up at our school. first vin cent van gogh and now the grim reaper and he wasn't here about the hedges. The night before i wrote a paper in 5 minutes about pants. all of my friends thought it was hysterical. but i lost it.

wednesday- horrid day. my stomach hurt, i had a headache, sore throat, and shawnee gave me her cold. and report cards came out. i did the same as usual. my health grade dropped 11 points, civics and painting dropped 3, i raised my algebra grade finally, keyboarding was a 95 even though i failed two tests. in english we had to rewrite a different letter as vrosky, that sucked. another day with a sub in for bag. i did health homework, it's better than watching walking with dinosaurs. in health every time brent stalls him by talking. we ended up with on;y 12 minutes of learning. And we talked about waht a slut means. we introduced each other in home ec. jason and i went first. everyone liked the fact i went to college, played the guitar(i lied and said i could play a few songs, i'm currently learning one), was a vegetarian, named after my grandfather, and had biggles and gumby.I'm probably the most interesting kid in the whole school. Some things about my classmates like people catching fish with their hands, people being married in jail, having a 11 year old uncle, eating worms, having your brother be married with out anyone knowing it, and a bunch of crap.

thursday- dusty was going hail hitler behind our algebra teacher's back. that was funny. i had to dye my hair and take a shower in 35 minutes if i was going to be able to watch python. i made it with 3 minutes to spare.

friday- another half day! no chelsey. that's sad. brent wasn't here for health. people were upset. we were in the computer room for english and study island, as usual i was on a rat website. brittany started to call me puff. when i got home i cleaned out the cage, took a showere, and watched are you being served? then i came to my dad's and i'm on the computer typing.

tommarrow i will go out and buy pants.

ratty the roaming gnome

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