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Sunday, February 08, 2004

well, it's been close to 2 months since i last blogged. and it will probably another 2 weeks till i can catch up. i'm actually really working on my KITH site. all i have to do is the photo pages, re do the mark page, and the sketch page. i redid my blog. i like it. i'm making my own site all about me. it's going to be awesome. i probably won't blog again for another 4 weeks. i can't come to dad's because of the Semi Formal. why am i even going? because my friends will hate me if i don't and student council. TTFN!

Mood: spacey and strange

Current Quoet or Conversation:
Geri- Refrigeration?!?
(mom looks confussed)
ian- is that a sport?
(me and ian laugh. mom still is confussed)
mom- is it a sport
(ian and i almost die with laughter)
mom- ...but he was riding on a bike down the street with out pants

"You just really like the tune of the song, you really like how that shot was filmed. I didn't say you were gay."

Inside Joke: "Hey, don't be sorry. be slow." chelsey and i can't get enough of that(to bad he's not vice principal anymore)

dreading: the graham report i have to write that has to be 2 and a half pages but that's too short for a regular geri report

Reading: live from new york

Wearing: plaid pants, spam shirt, cordoroy jacket

Current music: decomposing composers

current songs i like: yeah yeah yeahs- maps, phantom planet- big brat

current albums: cursive- the ugly organ

current movies i like: Fierce Creatures

current tv shows: dead ringers

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