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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Happy Belated Birthday to me!
Sunday:We rented movies, they had a special 5 for $5. I rented The Texas Chainsaw massacre 2, it's a lot better when your 6,The Meaning of Life, I thought this was absolutely hilarious. I attempted to rent The Life of Brian but the dreaded Mom conspiracy stepped in and when i returned home I found out that I rented Mrs. Doubtfire.
Monday:no school, so we did nothing.
Tuesday:2 hour delay.
Wednesday- Thursday: crap happened
Friday- we got out early due to a "blizzard", I reanted the Life of Brian, it was very, very funny.
Saturday:Not much snow fell. I attempted to have a party. Only Kristy came. We played Hangman and Trivial Pursuit. I won both times. I decorated my own cake. It was sad looking.
Sunday: My Birthday. Sad, depressing, miserable day.
Monday- Tuesday: school as usual
Wednesday:NYC trip.Sat by myself again next year Chelsey is coming.Stupid boring 4 hour ride. At the Met i saw some great paintings by Piccasso, Renoir, Monet, Degas, and my favourite Van Gogh. I almost got lost. The Radio City Music Hall's Christmas Spectacular was cheesy and childish. I liked the camels during the nativity scene. I didn't do much with my free time. I had to really pee. I ended up going on the bus. Never again. I slept on the bus. I sleept for 12 hours that nite.
Thusday: I didn't go to school.
Friday: I came here. I got my b- day presnet from dad, a way kewl guitar. Now i'm trying to learn how to play.
SAturday: Nothing. I'm going shopping and leaving to nite for home.

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