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Friday, November 28, 2003

This is what has happened in the world o' Geri during the last 3 weeks.
week one:
i don't have a clue to of what happened,sunday i went shopping and bought a kewl coat for half off, but there is one thing nobody will forget... The Great Susky Blackout of 2003. Yep. It went off at 12 pm during Algebra(we didn't do work, we did stand up comedy). It was kewl during school but what are you going to do at home. It became cold and boring, luckly ours came on around 6:30that nite. Some didn't get there's till friday afternoon. School was cancelled that Friday.
week two:
Hey i went shopping again, i bought matt sharps ep and ryan adams' new cd. we stopped at the pet store and looked at rats. There was this one white rat that i feel totally in love with. He was so cute and playful. i wanted the parrot they had at the shop, it was cool but it was 2 grand, so it's out of the picture
Ian shaved off part of his eyebrow, he denies the fact that he did.
i think i'm developing hives.
Chelsey and i think Shawnee is a prophet
-"This is Creamy."
-"Who's Mother Teresa?"
Kristy is going out with a little 6th grader
chelsey- the DJ and alcoholic
I'm totally bad at wood shop, it's too messy
i hate algebra and science, kirk always ask me"Hey Geri Brents looking good?" of course i say yes in a sarcastic manner, most of the other girls freak out when they ask, i don't, i get it
I'm not that good at watercolours either
I've never thought that english could bring on suicide
Crane Man and his sidekick Monkey Boy have a new friend the Invisable Mustache
Week Three:
Chelsey and I are going to start our own band. I'm going to be the guitarist, she's the drummer, and we need another person. we are going to be either
The Wombats
The Black Out
Commie Penguin
Ian came up with the last one. she likes the wombats.
My best friend has also helped me with the naming of my rats(can't wait for my b-day)
-Sir Willard Neato Pants Cornflakes
-Mr. Lanky Kewl Poohs Man
They are going to be rockin' mice
Thanks to me the 8th grade section of the yearbook is screwed up.
Thanksgiving was better than the last. I ate too much bread and mashed potatoes.
Shopping wasn't that bad today. the one store we were in line for 15, 20 mins. i bought another kewl coat that's green and an orange hat. We went to the gallery of sound where i bought two cds and i found a hash pipe single on vinyl. sandy wanted to stop at fashion bug, so i went across the hall to hot topic. i ended up staying in there for an hour. i bought 4 pins, a thusday one, a fromautumn to ashes one, and two of the same weezer pins, a black and pink braclet, and a streaking kit. My hairs going to be awesome, black with bleack blond streaks. i hope it looks ok.we went to burger king again i had a veggie burger. they taste funny.we went to walmart, i hate this store. i wish i had money to buy a few dvds, they had 4 there that i really want 2 of which i asked my mom for, and two of which i need to tell my mom i want them. then we came home and that was that.

Hey! I created a list of my top favourite bands...
The Rentals
The Special Goodness
The Space Twins
Alkaline Trio
Jimmy Eat World
Dashboard Confessional
Brand New
Bright Eyes
Reggie and the Full Effect
Saves the Day
Green Day
Get Up Kids
Taking Back Sunday
Sunny Day RealEstate
Rocket from the Crypt
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The Coral
AM Radio
The Sounds
Liam Lynch
The Libertines
Billy Talent
Cat Power
The Streets
Hot Hot Heat
The Starting Line
The Shins
Ryan Adams
Motion City Soundtrack
Story of the Year
The Rapture
Pretty Girls Make Graves
The Black Keys
Coheed and Cambria
From Autumn to Ashes
Whirlwind Heat
Vendetta Red
At the Drive In

It's getting late, i have a headache and i am tired. TTFN!

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