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Sunday, November 02, 2003

This is Geri...

oh, i hate myself so much.
October 18th
Another 2 weeks, another shitty post.
I wake up at 6, wash my hair and face, get dressed do my make up and hair while watching MTV2, I finish at 7 or 7:30, then i eat breakfast, brush my teeth, wait for the bus, go to school, get a head ache, come home, straighten up the place, make dinner, do the dishes and laundry and homework, talk with mom, watch tv, shower, read, watch KITH, and go to bed. Boring days. Last weekend i went to kristy's. we were going to watch male cheerleading but we didn't( at home coming our grade won, we were really the only ones that entered), we went down townand rented dvds, i was there for a while, we didn't do much though, she kept whacking a gardening hoe into the ground most of the time. I don't think were are best friends anymore . stupid 6th period lunch!
Homeroom- i walk in say hello to friends, talk with chelsey, watch SNN, bell rings and i leave
English-i hate this fucking class. she is a retard, i have no idea on how she became a teacher.
Civics-i learned alot of this during the summer
Painting- i finished the grey rivs, looks ok, its in the lobby
lunch-crap, hard being a vegan, they give us crap to eat
algebra- oh god, boring! last year it was
science-resources, flied trip on the 6th with Grandma!
Health- I hate him, Gym- soccer=fun
Music- my favourite class, we did have to come up with a dance but never did
Homecoming week- pj day, beach day(jared wore a bikini), blue and white day( my socks were), and band day( take a wild guess)
the dance- all but shawnee were there, Kristy didn't talk to me, my other friends acted like retards so did Chelsey's "buddy" but he was in a cage, i left early, again they never played Buddy Holly, i was piked up saturday, it was tristan's b- day the 15, so i had to play with her, she doesn't know how to paint her nails.
P.S.- Why can't i be 21 or at least look it. I missed Thursday and Thrice when they came to pitston.

November 2nd
Hey hey hey!
everything sucks! i got in troble in english, i hate civics, my decapitated snowman painting sucks, shawnee doesn't sit by us at lunch, algebra and science is boring, gym is ok, health i didn't do as good as i thought i would on my bones quiz, and music is over.
i can't stand it here, it's so boring, nobody respects me, i do nothing, i haven't been writting, I cut my bangs and screwed up, ian dyed his hair black too. Abbey my dad's cat that ran away 2 weeks ago came back last nite. I don't know what really happened last week. Last weekend i watched the short list music prize. Damien Rice should not have won. Interpol, Bright eyes and the yeah yeah yeahs were nominated too. Interpol should have won.

i've become widlyobsessed with them this passed week.
I went shopping with my mom, she hates it, we buy stupid things. I hate when she yells at me for yelling at ian when he eats all my stuff. I'm not a big fan of veggie burgers from burger king. we didn't have to wait this time. I love the fall. Changing the clocks screws me up every time. i slept till 1 last week end that was great. I'm glad ian walkes home it gives me time to myself. I can't sleep anymore. I worry myself to much before bed.
Halloween. It was fun. Kristy and shawnee were either hippies or bikers, i was a suicide victim. I hanged myself. We were dropped off on west main street because some of Kristy friends were over there. They didn't wait up for me and shawnee. They left so we made our way over to Franklin ave. no one was out but an ambulance giving out candy. it was creepy, hilly, and my asthma was horrid. We then went over to Broad and Jackson. We stopped at Mr. G's house, of course he asked us about the bones test. Mrs. Z rermembered us. When we were waiting for Kristy's mom at Freddy's, Nick, Jaime's brother, was pestering Kristy so she ran after him and kicked him. A girl he was with threaten her but my bets were in Kristy. We were out for 3 hours, we got really thirsty. we couldn't find our change. Some lady that passed buy us gave us 50 cents. and then her mom came and drove me home where i at candy and watch tv and went to bed real early.
Well this weekend was bad, mom never paid me so i couldn't go shopping. bitch. so this weekend was shit and i came here on a saturday. I don't know why she won't let me have a rat as a pet. It has to be all those movies with people who train rats to be killers. She probably thinks I'd do that. I'd probably try.

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