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Friday, November 07, 2003

I'm at my grandma spot's housefrom thursday to sunday!
basically only 3 days of school this week.
report cards came out wednesday. high honors, 95. not as good as before. it was that stupid algebaI grade. i got 4 outstandings. kewl!
the trip to howe caverns was fun. it was a horrid 2 hour drive though. i sat by grandma.kristy did not talk to any of us. she hung out with Ashley and her mom.
we got there with time to waste. we got the good bus. people shopped around. we were the last group to go. it was fun. we went on an elevator that went 15 stories down into the ground. it was cold. we saw just rocks. and rock formations. water dripped on us too. and we got nervous crossing the brdges. we went on a crappy boat rride. we got to see the bridal alter were if you stand on the heart you will get married in a year. everone stood on it. then we went on a "unbelivable" maze that no fat person could fit through. it was a small hall. i don't know how somw people got through. it was a stupid thing. lunch= boring. salad. then shopping, i bought a coffee mug since my other one broke. then another boring 2 hour ride back. people had a sing a long with the radio. when we got back we sat in the cafeteria for 40 minutes. shannon screwed with our group's rep. then we ventured up to get something out of a locker, a guy i like passed by us and chelsay got mad when i said "sweet ass". i bought rock candy. it was a jelly bean that looked like a rock. i left one for ian saying it was a rare rock from europe that cost $10. he belived me. we went to see the texas chain saw masacre. it wasn't as good as the original. i saw a preview for resident evil: apocolypse. i want to see it.

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