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Friday, October 03, 2003

It’s certainly nice to be back. As always my life had nothing happen during the last 2 weeks.
Boring school life, fights over TV times, stupid dogs, hours of kith nightly, cd players breaking, crappy rivers gray scale oil painting, DVD player still broke, the rivers Cuomo essay for the school of rock contest not finished that and my book report, the adventures of crane man and monkey boy, hives, allergies, tooth aches, leg pains, student council 5-8 dance, setting up, selling candy to 5&6 graders who can’t read prices and look like kindergarteners, and cleaning up the gym, broken vacuum,stupid hair, lack of inspiration, picking rivs over the others because he’s easier, getting mad at rivs for having to much shadows, lots of pizza, Kristy not being my friend, 3rd person, hilarity of music class, homie partying with her friend and crane man, knowing so much about the constitution and judicial branch but not saying anything about it, dreaming of saving Tristan and playing ultimate Frisbee, finding out I can’t paint, not eating lunch due to a test, messy gravy, not having 5 cents, being late for algebra, “ITS SNOWING!”, board cleaner in his eye, rocks, rocks, minerals, rocks, forgetting to stay sitting, boring health, gym, and study hall, pinkerton, madam butterfly page folding, music class that is actually neato, and being crazy like that.
Nothing happens, it’s pathetic.
We’re going to grandma’s house to stay over the 3 of us with Aunt Sharon. What a fun weekend
Maybe I’ll be on again later on
Probably not.
Ttfn always!

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