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Saturday, September 20, 2003

konichiwa peoples! or bony pang to my mom.

well it's been like 4 weeks. yeah alot has happened. such as school and a new couch.
this couch does not match our house period. and i'm allergic to it.
Mr. Stone isn't the vice principal,but he is still around the school so we still make fun of him. haven't seen much of Mr. S or as ian and i call him, brian bell. but i can safely say brian bell is in our yearbook, so is rivers and it's not james. all we need is someone that looks like pat and we got a band. the first day was ok. i found my room, it's half way across the school. tirering. and i recently hurt my leg badly(i stayed home from school thursday and then we didn't have school on friday because of the hurricane and nothing happened.) i found big problems in my schedule. i had half an algebra class and two lunches. which didn't really seem bad at the time but... anyways, i hate english, more importantly the teacher. all my friends have her too. we all hate her. but who doesn't. what use to be my 2nd favourite class is now the least. civics is awesome. i'm so prepared with all the stuff from college. originally i was to have gym and health but now i have painting. i hate using oil paints and medium. Now i'm painting a big portriate of rivs using a grey scale. then lunch. like last year but there are a lot of 7th graders. like ian. kristy doesn't have lunch with us sadly. now algebra. we have a new new teacher. noone really likes her. we don't use acclerated math either. then earth science. it's ok. we started a fire. thats always cool. the 9th i would have science but i have health and gym. theyre ok. i still hate gym. health is ok. the one day webrought in baby pics and we had to guess who was who. people thought my pic was kristy and kristys was mine. 10 is what was 9th last year but without artand library. i have music. and guess what we got a new teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
everyone is happy. she is nice but kindof looks like my mom which is bad. chelsey in ther with me too. we sit by each other. school is cool. for now. i can't use my locker. i forgot the number but i know the combination.
since school started i haven't really been watching tv more importly mtv2. but we have been watching reno 911. i love that show. i think it's halirious.
i've coming up with my own language. it's real funny. i'm making a movie about it. i started it today after the Rivers Dance one.
i went to a dance last weekend and i requested buddy holly and they never played it. after all the work i went through for it.
they had glow sticks someone stole mine. bastard.
i hate ian and ryan. they eat all my food. they know i'm a vegetarian and i eat only certain things.
i anm getting increasingly paranoid. i can't sleep at night. my nightmares have stopped since i put on a kith tape while i sleep. now i'm not able to sleep here. i'm crazy.
a friend of theirs is here with here kids now. theyre loud. i hate ian. i hate allergies. i hate when i brake out in hives.

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