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Saturday, July 19, 2003


well tomarror i'm leaving for college. yep. i'm nervous.
god i'm gonna miss my cat.
i have a suit case and a big green bag. i bougt a lot of green things while shopping. but saddly not the green album on vinyl that was only $6 at Hot Topic. Taurdersauce...

i hope i have every thing i need.

the week has been hectic. and momsey was a complete bitch towards me.

today iwent shopping and bought a whole buch of shirts. i bought a radiohead shirt, a Saves the Day shirt, Alkaline Trio shirt, Taking Back Sunday shirt, a Dashboard Confessional shirt, and a shirt that says something about hamsters and coconuts.

i'm going. and i'll probably blog here on August 8th. so long and farewell. i'm off to college!


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