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Saturday, June 14, 2003

today was bad, another day with a cold. i can't hear out of my right ear for some reason. it is getting hot and humid in NEPA but i persisted on wezring a wool skirt and sweatcoat today.

we visited grandma. it was ian's birthday last sunday. he wasted $75 on crap! as aways it was boring. we brought the dog. our new one, Jesse (even though i keep thinking it's scott), since we got rid of Austin.

i'm going shoipping tomarrow. i'm contemplated on buying Radiohead's new album.

last tuesday was a half day. when i came home i turned on the tv and flipped to comedy central but i acidentally typed in usa and to my surpise Brain Candy was on! I only caught a half hour of it. but a lot of it was edited. that was neato.

now just a random rivers pic...

TTFN to all and i'll be back in two weeks :)

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