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Friday, June 13, 2003


It's been 4 weeks since i last posted and as always nothing happened.

Happy Belated Birthday to Scott Thompson

I wish you a happy, fun, and exciting birthday!

School was over on the 11th. I don't think i did good on the finals. On the geography one i received a 98. I considered the grade i got on the english won failing but some say otherwise.

I finally got my space twins cd! it's good. a little weird though.

i didn't to my dad's last time because i had a b-day party to go to for my friend Kristy.
it was fun. she had a simple plan cake. so next year i'm getting a weezer cake. we played games i won 2 of them. both were those games inwhich you guess the number of something occupying a jar. they now think i'm good with numbers. i am but not that good.

i also went to the Talent Show at my school. it was cool. the band that won 3rd i thought should have won 1st because they wrote and sang their own songs. they were cool. i took the SATs with the one guy in 12th grade. and the other sometinmes weres a weezer shirt so he's cool. there was a faculty band. now i wouldn't have liked it if the one teacher that looks like Brian Bell wasn't in it. he played guitar and sang. he was awesome. yep. he is adorable.

man my life sucks. now it's the summer. so it's gonna be even more boring to read. so i'm gonna lose even more people who read this. i'm not going to see my friends. kristy going somewhere and chelsey probably hates me.
well i guess i'm gonna have to do artistic things like painting, drawing, writing, and making more comics about crap. There's In the Garage(about weezer), Super Weezer Fan Girl(i'm a supehero that turns people into weezer fans), Komiko the Kat(it's based on my life except i'm japanese, I live in Tokyo, and i'm a cat), and there's sheep to the moon, this one i have big plans for it's pretty cool.

well, i'm going.

i'm redoing my kith site so it's gonna be done for a while. not that anyone goes on it.


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