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Saturday, June 28, 2003


it's been 2 weeks. of nothing. yep. nothing but watching tv. mostly mtv2 and the game show network.
it was nice that ian went to stay with my dad for a week. the house was so clean.
i gave macy a bath. she took it better than i thought. but she wouldn't let me blow-dry her.
i've been working on my comics and stories.

i haven't been staying up late. the first time this summer was the 25th my mom's b-day. it didn't go to good. it started out good. i watch south park. Radiohead was in it. it was harlirious. the bad things started to happen when i was watching jackass. right in the middle of it something was at the window and whacked it. i was petrified. i went under my blanket and didn't move. i continued watching tv and they showed a comerical for the movie 28 Days later and the first thing they showed was a zombie guy with bright red eyes looking in through a window from outside. that scared me more. my mom said if that happened she'd be up staires in a flash. no, i was brave and anyways KITH was on. and nothing can stop me from watching KITH. i watch the new tom green show. i think it's pretty good. then at 2 there was KITH. i taped the first one but i had the other 3 already. then i ran up stairs and fell alsleep for 2 and a half hours.

my mother is so irresponsible. she hasn't paid me my allowance in weeks so i'm broke i even used all my money i saved. and i was depending on that allowance money to buy the new radiohead album Hail to the thief. i hear it's good but others don't like it.

we were in wegmans yesterday and they played greenday.

well i'm going for now. i'll blog latter to nite.

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