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Friday, May 02, 2003


just got done talking to my friend Jared on aim. he's mad and is going to beat someone up. that's bad.

today i found out that i am going to study law this summer at bethleham college in pa. so yay! then i'm taking this writting course. hey. by the end of next year i'll be a crime novelist. i have a $1500 grant to go. i only need $1010.

we've been making a board game for the book The Giver in english class. ours turned out good. we're like the only group doing the giver everyone else is doing holes.

my kith tour of duty dvd have been sitting upon my tv set collecting dust... for I broke my dvd player. mom is trying her best to fix it.
it's been 3 weeks since i got it and i havn't watched it. ::::cries:::::::::
i think i'm going to die,

we got a new puppy, he's adorable

well i have to go ian's begging me to let him on.

blog again tomaarror!!! TTFN!!!

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