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Friday, April 04, 2003

i still haven't gotten my DVD. my mom said it should be here. but it's not.
my $10 spin never came and i ordered it a million yeras ago. 4-6 weeks my ass.
my dad sent the application for the CAA college course. it hasn't arrived.
and yet i continue waiting and ordering more stuff to get pissed at and wait for...

yay! going to college this summer.

i'm going to new york city with my art class may 20. yay! we're going to some meseum but i forgot the name and a bunch of other things
but we're going to go on a tour of the nbc studios. that means we're going to see where Conan is taped and where SNL is taped. YAY! and there is a possibility you could see celebrities. neato.
but i'm the only 7th grader allowed on the trip because i'm in general art class under special sircmstances.

i got my report card most of my grades went down, my english grade went up and science grade stayed the same. i still made high honors.

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