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Sunday, April 20, 2003

i am so close to killing myself or buying a wig.
i'm losing my mind.

NEATO! what ever show is on (i can't think of the name, but i know Scott is on it, and that's why i left it on) is talking about MATT SHARP! i'm sitting here and then i hear "she's friends with the bassist for Weezer." And then someone says "who is he?" and the lady goes "Matt Sharp." I jumped up and ran to the living room and they didn't say anything else about him. Back to the point...

earlier today i went to get my hair cut. first i was going to just get it trimed and styled
(i'll use pics of weezer to interperate)
first it look like this

then like this

now exmorning when i got it cut i look like pat
not really, i'm competly bald
but this pic is close

or matt

(it's not that short)

for once i can say it wasn't my fault. the beautician screwed it up! the picture i showed her is completly different. and i couldn't tell what it look like because i didn't have a mirror.
god i miss my brian hair do that i had going on.

why can't it be a horrible dream....
why bother? this is a second i've had one in a year.
dad keeps on saying everyone had had a bad hair cut.

that totally destroyed my life. but good things have happened in the past week. on mmusa there is this show called loaded and they will just show videos from a certain band and guess who was on? yep. Weezer! yay! so now i have the keep fishin', buddy holly, hash pipe, undone(but my tape is a piece of shit and now i have only the beginning and end), dope nose, and island in the sun (the first version, but ian hit rewind on the remote, i stopped it and now it's like undone, but i have it on my one single and can watch it on the computer) and i taped over say it ain't so but it was on control freak the next day.
my mom finally watch them and she keeps getting her and myself confuzzled. she thinks brian is pat and pat is matt and matt is brian and she thinks scott and mikey are hot. she has a thing for people named scott.
she doesn't like the dope nose video because rivers creeps her out.

my friend and i have been watching Mr. S and each day he looks more and more like Brian. Ian still doesn't agree. mom keeps on wondering about me and if i'm stalker material...

mom said my tour of duty dvd came while i was gone
can't wait to watch that!

i had no idea that weezer was ever on conan but according to this post on the board they were and there are pics!

weezer on conan

well it's been a horrible day. i'm going to go on to and look through pics o' rivers for a while until i get tired and fall alsleep and wait for the easter bunny or jusy go and slit my wrist because of my hair cut. TTFN!!!
Happy Easter!

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