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Saturday, March 22, 2003


not much happened.

i did a power point presentation on rivers. and i'm doing this mask thing. i wanted to do the chicken lady but he said it was to hard because of her hair and feathers. i hate math class. i had to do this lame project on Sao Tome and Principe. i have to write apaper on the tower of london. i know i'm not going to get high honors. and i'll kill myself if i don't.

i found this artical about KITH in this magazine. it was an interview it's on my wall. i read it alot.

god i can't wait for my issue of spin comes. the one i paid $10 for. i'm such a FREAK!

we're going to get pictures done tommarrow. gotta wear a tie.

today was good. not real good but ok. saw my love interest quite a few times. good times.

he looks so much like brian. maybe it's me. but i sware to God that the 2 are indentical.
it's freaky.

i changed my blog. i hope to add more pics.

i'm off
blog again tommarrow!

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