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Saturday, February 22, 2003

hello everyone who still checks this!
i'm back! finally!
so much to catch up on, eh?
let's see what happened...
i remember listening to alot of weezer and watching alot of KITH
thanksgiving- horrible time at my aunt's house. i ended up locking myself in the bathroom
my birthday- crappy one. got alot of money. my dad got me Pinkerton and a Weezer poster and i can't remember what else. my party sucked. brit, kristy, and emily came. we listened to weezer and had cake. i got a lava lamp. can't really remember what else happened.
on 12/7 went to a dance. the best dance of my life. i danced with my sweetie Caleb twice! I loved that! they played Keep fishing
my mom went into the hospital before christmas. that sucked.
I finished my Rivers painting, his hand looked like poo in the end
there's this one teacher at school who looks just like brian bell, it's weird, he's damn sexy!(i'm actully on his page on my school's site)
over the time i was gone i had to of had cut my hair 5 or 6 different times, going shorter and shorter. i messed up on the last time i did it. no it's perfessionally done. and i died it a dark red colour. i've died it 3 times so far. twice the same but before it was a red-blond colour.
we had latin american fiesta in geography class. it was pretty stupid.
christmas sucked. i can only remember a few things i received( i was going to use got but my english teacher said that we can't use it the right way) i know i obtained Live From New york, an Avril Lavigne cd, Shots in the Dark(crime scene photos, some are pretty gross), a what's her face doll, electronic uno, this cd that is really useless because i only like 3 songs, lip gloss and body glitter maker, and a bunch of other things i can't remember.
my favourite things i did receive are my dvd player, my Lilo and stitch dvd
my absolute favourite thing i did get is my Wrong Guy dvd. I love this movie. i don't know how many times i watched it.
i lieft for my dad's on xmas eve. we didn't go to my grandmother's and it snowed 3 feet of it. it sucked. i was in the christmas sprit and wore red and green. my red pants that i roll to the knee and my green album shirt.
i made this kangaroo sclupture, that too came out to look like poo.
Vanentine's Day sucked. i gave Caleb a card...
I went to the Semi-Formal. that sucked. biggest enjoyment- they played Hash Pipe. My dress looked stupid and i wore red and black striped stockings. i danced with jamie's chipmunk like brother. my friend shawnee got a boyfriend.
Ian broke a window the other day.
i made a pot, this slightly looks like poo
lots of other things happened. i just don't have a good memory.
i went shopping alot over this time. i'd have to say my favourite thing i did buy is my rentals cd.i bought alot of shirts. i did get a sponge bob coat and shirt, 2 jimmy eat world shirts, cds, and a pin, a revenge of the nerds shirt, the vines, the hives, sum 41, a checkered tie, plaid tie, i've change the way i dress completly, a weezer pin, and 8 other weezer shirts. a green album one, kermet, animal, and a couple other ones. i bought other things but it's just this memory!

I took the SAT's for the johns hopkins Center for Talented Youth. it was hard. i'm only a 7th grader. i received a 470 on the verbal and a 420 on the math. people said i did good. but i don't know.

i am totally pissed that they wiped put my e-mail account. i don't have any clue to of what people have sent me over this time.

well, it's nice to be back. i will only beable to update this every 2 weeks because i'm at my dad's

i'll blog again tomarrow!

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