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Friday, February 28, 2003

Good day!

I'm at my grandparents house. We went shopping. I bought more pins. An Invader Zim one, another Jimmy Eat World, and a Muppet one. Also a Jimmy Eat World sweatshirt thing. And my favourite thing I bought a special Goodness cd. Neato. All I need to find are the Space Twins. Which will be hard since I did have my dad look around for them too.

At school a couple of kids were selling cds they made themselves. There were on it so i bought it. Weird.

Not much happened. Same old shitty life.

I am so paranoid. I hate it when people look at me. I think Mr. S knows he looked at me funny. Or maybe it's because I stare at him when i see. maybe both.

Well I'm leaving.

Why am I so bitter and alone but I'm glad I'm not shivering in the cold.

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