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Sunday, February 23, 2003

not much happened today.
I am 80% Emo

Holy gee whilikers... I am as emo as it gets... I will try to cheer the heck up and stop wiping my nose on my sweater...

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i'm really emo...

I am 87% Evil Genius

I am pure evil. I lie awake at night devising schemes of world domination, and I will not rest until all living souls bend to my will.

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...and evil.

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i love the vines

i've been pondering the fact that mr. S does look like Brian Bell, they look real similar to me, my friend chesey(who is a weezer fan now) has not saw the similarities.


Brian Bell
there not the best pics but they are damn cute

there's a rivers look a like contest (i might send in a pic because it is for males and females) now only if they had a brian one

i spent alot of time wondering about this

over the time i was gone i have also compiled a list of similarities between Weezer and KITH. i have 30 similarities. some are dumb and obvisious. like the bith have scotts. but Scott Thompson is #1 and scott shiner sucks. i wish Matt came back.(sob)
i have alot of comparisons going between bruce and rivers and then Matt and dave.
i'm such a nerd.

it seems like my mom can handled me being a weezer fan more than a KITH fan because I use to talk about and watch KITH all the time down stairs but now she doesn't listen and I watch them in my room. all she has to deal with is me proclaiming my love for Rivers. she tired of that. but now i've got chelsey to talk weezer with. the only person i do have because I void from the message boards because people are mean there. the only one with nice people is the brian one. i'm on it now. she never hears them she only knows a few of the popular ones. she likes island in the sun.

i was watching the say it ain't so video and she was i remember this, they use to play this alot when you were 5

i like it now that chelsey is =w= fan. we were talking about it friday. i was expalining it to her. she says that riv is kind of cute. i say he's frickin' adorable. I <3 Rivers!

i added more links. most are of the other bands i like. i've been listening to alot of music while i was gone. the simple plan link is because of my frieng Kristy she loves them and the good charlotte one is because of ian.

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