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Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Yay! I can't wait for Kevin to be on Conan!
i have a bad feeling about tomarro. I'm so nervous of to going to art class. I'm 3 days behind the rest. Thursday I had gym, Tuesday I stayed home, and today I had gym but really didn't have it because of an assembly. It was a patriotic thing that was boring.
I've been so apathetic lately. And it's getting on people nerves. I can't help it. My friend Emily hates me because I'm so moody and I yell at her when she doesn't do her homework.
I took the Canada test in Geography class. I think I got 2 of the capitols mixed up. Yippie I got a 100 on my brochure on Connecticut. I don't know why I picked it. I had a plan to do New York or California but you couldn't do a state someone already picked. So I picked Connecticut, I had Rivers on my mind that day.

I think the reason I have been so apprehensive lately is because of the SAT thing for the Johns Hopkins Univirsity. I hope my dad will mail the form out before it's due.
Well I'm off I have to try and get some sleep over the last 5 days I've had to much coffee but I'll probably end up watching KITH till 11.

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