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Sunday, November 10, 2002

My birthday is going to suck. I know for sure I'm not going to get what I want. The only people I ask for specific things are mommy and daddy. Everyone else it is either money or gift certificates and books. Now momsey knows me and will get me what I ask for for my b-day. She has got me everything I have asked for since I can remember. I am not saying who but when I was talking to this person this morning that person said that they went shopping for my b-day and the other went out today again. Now I only asked for 2 things, I gave hints that I wanted these 2 things for my b-day, when I went shopping a week ago with this person in the store I said I wanted these 2 things really bad.That same day I gave the person a list of things I wanted I separarted the things I wanted for my b-day and the things I wanted for chritmas in 2 lists. But I think why couldn't they have goten boththings at the same time. Huh? Strange, eh? That person told mom what they got. They either got me 2 or 3 things. I asked mom if either of them started with a P or a M but she said no (i had to asertain a stituation last weekend about what these and something I already got meant). I have a clue to what they are because I figured it out already. I hope the person wouldn't be informed of this little rant but I'm sure mom will say something, but I have an idea that the things start with either a D, W, or S. I have got 1 confirmed and I don't know why I'm getting this because I wouldn't use it and don't want. And the W thing I asked for for Christmas. But when the party comes and I open the gifts and see that they aren't what I wanted I have ways that will make them relize that this isn't what I wanted. These things really get on my nereves. Sorry for that ranting but I had to get it off my back. But who really cares I'm beginning to think no one really reads this any more because my life is shit and no one cares because it's boring and nothing exciting happens and people thinkI'm snobby and self centered and I like other things that people dislikes or thinks is inappropreate.

come on tomarror night...Rivers is on vh1's all access at 8 and then at 9 Weezer is on SNL.

which 'newsradio' cast member are you?

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Big surprise.

I'm really surprised I'm not Rivers.

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