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Saturday, November 23, 2002


sadly this will be my post for quit some time. we don't have the internet anymore. darn. i'm at my grandparents house in scranton. it's great to be back. we went shopping. i bought maladroit, a weezer calendar, 2 weezer shirts a It's not easy being weez and defenders of the universe. i hate only being able to buy KITH stuff off the internet. that's basicly how i built up my giant collection of KITH things. i looked for Bruce's cd. momsy won't let me buy anything off the internet well i can't now anyways. tomarro i'm going home.

let's see what has happened during the week...
i only have rivers' hair and face to do on the painting. i'm still wirking on my science fair project. nothing else really.

hopefully this week i will get my hair cut. then over thanksgivibg vaction i'll get it dyed red.

i wish ny dad didn't go shoppingfor my birthday yet. i asked for maladroit and then i bought it. kinda like my dad bought me TGA abd then Sandy bought it again.

myra hindly died. my mom always thought she was dead already. ian brady is still alive.

my birthday is in two weeks on the 7th.

i'm going to go crazy without he internet. i'm going to miss all of you. please don't forget about me. i'll try to post when i can.

on other notes....

i probably won't be updating my KITH pages anymore. i will working on my Kevin pages. all i have to do is move my geocities quotes page to the tripod quotes page and move the character lists to the the charaters page. it all should be done maybe by febuary or march hopefully though.

and yay! just found out KITH is coming back on!!!!!

again people bye! don't bother with a bye cookie. ahhh i love that sketch. hopefully i can get back here some.


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