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Monday, November 18, 2002

my wish came true had a half a day, half a gym class and almost was late for the bus because I wouldn't stop watching KITH. People freaked out when they saw my hair I guess it was a pink colour. I coukdn't really tell. Everyone liked it. Didn't get in troble. Now it's strawberry blond...kind of. I'm getting it dyed with real hair dye next time i'm with my dad. then it will be a dark red colour. hopefully.
i didn't think it was possible but I brike a tooth while eating bacon. i knew i shouldn't of eaten the bacon my mom made. strange. now the tooth is killimg me. i need to see a dentist.

tomarro I get to start painting Rivers Cuomo. it is going to be bad. i hope not as bad as the value things we did before.

Speaking of Rivers...

Which member of Weezer are you?

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weezer isn't an emo band
Which emo band are you?

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