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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Yay! I'm the internet and nobody is suppose to be on it!
I have to do so many things. I don't think I have time! I still have to write the artical. Work on my life science project. Buy Brucio's new cd. Save more many for the book I absolutely need to get and the new tour dvd. And a whole lot more things. I am so glad I finished Alive, it was a amizzing book, and now I can read the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck for my book report on a classic book, and then Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fritzgarald, one of my favourite authors for my fiction book report, and then for my biography report I have no clue, and for my "book of your choice" report I am doing, I hope I can, Buddy Babylon by Scott Thompson and Paul Bellini. And I am happy that I finished my geography project on the Isle of Kith with it's McKinney Mountains, Lake LePoupee, Foley Ocean, Brucio Bay, Bellini Sea, and Thompson River. And I am contented on the fact that I finished drawing my self portriat(can't spell that) momsey says it looks like me.
I have a weird feeling that I'm going to be kidnapped because I have been having dreams of me being taken at school by a variety of people who I know. So if I don't post here for a while I probably was.
My 100 things list is not coming on so good.
I really want to stay home the rest of the week. But I must stay in school for the whole month so I can be entered in the contest for the $100 gift certificate or the lava lamp.

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