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Sunday, October 13, 2002

I think this going to be my longest post.

first off...100 things about Geri.
1. One of the biggest most obsessed KITH fans you could meet.
2. Loves cats. Has one named Macy, she hates me.
3. Even though I have an undying love for cats I'm allergic to most breeds.
4. Has a weird obsession with serial killers.
5. Since I was 4 or 5 i always wanted to be a Forensic Antropathologist.
6. Told people that she wanted to be locked up in a mental instotusion.
7. Born in scranton moved to susquehanna in 2nd grade. Likes to let people know that she is from Scranton.
8. Finds the oddest people sexy.
9. Shy around groups of people. Outgoing and crazy around friends and family. Snobby and stuck up around people she hates.
10. Extremly sarcastic, cynical, anoying, snobby, geeky, lazy, and ditzy.
11. Has a high IQ.
12. Doesn't really have any friends and has troble trusting them. Emily is her best friend, and has been since 2nd grade.
13. Acts like and quotes KITH characters at school and home.
14. Doesn't leave the house.
15. Believes in the saying "You are your own worst critict."to the fullest extent.
16. Likes to dress up for her birthday in weird costumes.
17. Loves to read.
18. Too mature for age.
19. Only been to PA, NY, and Canada.
20. Hates movies that make her cry.
21. Doesn't look like anyone in her family.
22. Suffers from Obsessive Complussion Dissorder.
24. Never has really been into music.
25. People have tapes of me eating dirt and sand by the shovel.
26. Still sleeps with a stuffed animal.
27. Has speech problems.
28. Uses "eh?" alot.
29. Thinks she could survive on onions, ginger ale, coffee, and french fries.
30. Fatisizes over 3 of the teachers at her school.
31. Loves glitter.
32. Loves the winter.
33. Likes to sing disco hits, songs from broadway musicals, songs from commericals, and KITH related songs. But she can't sing.
34. Can sing most ABBA songs.
35. Her first crush was in 3rd grade and it was Brent.
36. Never had a boyfriend.
37. Wishes her hair was dark red.
38. Resembles Dave Foley.
39. Drinks way to much coffee.
41. Hates most of the people she knows.
42. Doesn't really like to tell people the truth about herself.
43. Can be embrassed easily.
44. Worries about what people think of her.
45. People think she's too arrogent and consided, which she is not.
46. Is too afraid of death.
47. Loves Mathmatics.
48. Hates her name, wishes it was Geralyn.
49. Hates pop, rock, hip-hop, rap, and country music.
50. Loves the Anne of Green Gables book series.
51. Reads the dictionary.
52. Dances a little too much.
53. Absolutely loves to wear plaid. Every thing has to be plaid.
54. Wants to get involved in the field of journalism.
55. Loves to write short stories.
57. Has black geeky looking glasses.
58. Loves old sci-fi b- movies from the 40's, 50's, and 60's.
59. Loves sitcoms from the 60's.
60. Been a big fan of The Twilight Zone, Green Acres, and Get Smart for years and years.
61. Hates her self.
62. Too much of a perfectionist.
63. Has a great knowledge of html but doesn't use it on her KITH website.
64. Terrible speller.
65. Doesn't have any idea of what to do with her KITH website.
66. Doesn't really like her family.
67. Spoiled by her family. But not her mum.
68. Wonders if her dreams will ever come true.
69. Wants to be a sketch comedian.
70. Is really, really pasty.
71. Advid watcher of the History Channel.
72. I have read Buddy Babylon over 5 times.
73. Extremly hates animie.
74. Loves Sponge Bob Square Pants.
75. Loves to play, the musical, and talk about chess.
76. Loves to eat rice crispy squares, while drinking fruit punch.
77. Great drawer and sculpter and painter.
78. Only 5 feet tall. 5'1" with shoes.
79. Knows more about Canada than the US.
80. Always wanted to live in Germany.
81. Can recite most KITH sketches.
82. Loves News Radio.
83. Big fan of British music from the '60's.
84. Used to be obsessed with Chris Parnell but now KITH.
85. Wanted to be a cast member on SNL. But now would perfer having her own show.
86. Has been writing sketches since she was 10.
87. Doesn't think she is a great artist or is a genius as people say she is.
88. Likes a kid at school because he looks like Kevin McDonald
89. Hates the Disney Channel.
90. As my brother said I'm annoyingly smart.
91. Favourite Disney movie is Lilo & Stitch.
92. Has basically seen every movie with a Kid in it.
93. Tried writting about 10 different novels but the premises could only go so far.
94. Thnks people think she is an idiot, messed up, or too arrogent.
95. Have seen every epidsode of News Radio.
96. Loves to write poems, sculpt, and draw kangaroos on balconies.
97. Has over 500 marbles.
98. Has written to SNL cast members but doesn't think the letters made it.
100. Needs to chew on pen tops.
Yay! I finished it!!!!!!!

Marie's survey...
Name: geri lynn smith
Location: susquehanna pa
Age: 13
Kid: Dave and Kevin
Character: Sir Simon and Hecubus
Sketch: grandpa's poo
KITH Quote: "It look's like the dog got your poo, grandpa. I'm sorry." "That was my last poo."
Brain Candy or Same Guys New Dresses: Same Guys New Dresses
Movie with a Kid: Dog Park or Super Star
(Non-KITH) Favourite..............
TV Shows: besides newsradio and snl... Get Smart
Movie: all my favourite movies have KITH in it... Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hairspray, ABBA the Movie
Band: ABBA
Song: Chiquitita
T-Shirt: my Canada shirt
Meal of the Day: Dinner
Food: french fries
Book: Buddy Babylon
Musical: Mamma Mia
Comedian: Janeane Garofalo
Discribe yourself in one word: sarcasm
Do you consider yourself a nice person: at times
Quiet or Loud: either
Brave or Shy: Shy
Do you like to go out and Party: who's party
What are your plans for the future: sketch comedian
What is your biggest Fear: death
Did you enjoy taking this lame ass servey?: I love it!

My weekend...
Friday was PJ day at school and a half day. I forgot my English book, I was lucky that we didn't have enough time to read it. I didn't like wearing my pajama pants. I got picked up early by my dad. I wish it was after 3 because one of my favourite newradio epidsodes was on the one when Jimmy gets his biography translated into english.
Then we went to Tristan Barbie party. It was fun. The little kids were cute. Tristan cried when we got there. Ian was such a party pooper. He sat in the corner and looked pitiful. He was so fun. I had this rainbow icecream thasted horid. Then Saturday we went to my grandma's house. I don't remember much but telling my aunt that Ian smokes pot and orders porn over the internet. And she believed all of it, I think. I had to give her my KITH website address.
Sunday we went to Best Buy. And I lost it. I went off by myself to look for cds perticularyly Bruce's. I found one and went to look for DVD's perticularyly The Wrong Guy. And I found it and I started crying. I wanted it sooooooooooo bad. I walked around with it and the SGND dvd. I was really upset that the SGND's dvd has other things on it that aren't on the vhs thing. So i wanted that more. And cried more. And began to get fidgitty. I really need these things and a dvd player whice we are getting for Christmas. So I know I will be getting these for my Birthday(hopefully) or Christmas.
Tomorror I have no school. So I am going to spend it in front of the computer(if my mom says I can go on the internet) or the tv watching talk shows and news radio.
And Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadians tomorror!

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