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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I never have anything to blog about lately. So I guess I'll post what has happened last week and this week so far. We carved pumpkins. I carved out KITH of corse, Ian made a regular jack o latern, and Ryan atempted an american flag. I handed in my Van Gogh letter and haven't clue what I got on it. We glazed our clay projects and Tuesday we saw what ours looked like everybody loved mine, it's a bright green. I graded myself on class participation I said I got an 85, but everybody said I deserved a 100. Yesterday we graded our portriats I said I got a 95, everybody said a 100. I got a 100 on my Isle of KITH poster and a 90 on the report. I think I got a 90 on my cell thing. I finished my kangroo. I hate it. Today I stayed home. I was on the computer most of the day, basically searching around for new KITH sites and listening to the blue album. I tried uploading a picture I did on the computer but when I tried putting it on it came out smalle than it was suppose to. This weekend should be good, I hope. It's been like 3 weeks since I was at my dad's. Sandy and I are going to see the Ring. Why is it I always see movies that have been out in theatres for 2 weeks. I am dreading tomarror. It's the last day of our first marking period. How I am going to survive with only 1 or no art classes a day?!?

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