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Sunday, October 06, 2002

I hate not being able to go on the internet as much as before.
For some reason my dad bought me a ton of stuff. I got a really cool sweater the goes to my knees, a wash cloth with Stitch on it from Lilo and Stitch, and he bought me Jimmy Fallon's cd that I've wanting to get since it came out, and I finally went and saw Stealing Harvard. I thought it was great. I freaked out when bruce came on i was going to scream. I want to see it again! But it sucked when I couldn't find Bruce's new cd at the mall. I really wanted to go to Best Buy to see if The Wrong Guy was there but it wasn't open yet.
This week is Homecoming Week at school. Monday's Hat and Sunglasses Day, i don't remember the other days, Friday's pajama day and it's a half day. And Friday I am going to my sister Tristan's Barbie Party. She won a contest to have a party at K- Mart to have a Barbie Party. And then Saturday she has her family b- day pary. I love the cake she's getting, it's a sponge bob square pants one, I'm asking for one for my Birthday.
Well I probably won't post again till Thursday.
I'd also like to thank Abbey for linking me on her blog.

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