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Monday, September 02, 2002

This weekend wasn't all that great. I caught a cold and was miserable the whole time, and when ever I woke up in the morning tristen was right beside me. But this weekend had it's pluses. My dad took me shopping. I got two new shirts and a pair of shoes for gym class. Me and Sandy went and saw Signs. It was a really good movie. And I got to see Dave in Echos in the Darkness. It was a good movie. I didn't really get it though. I couldn't help but laugh at Dave. I always giggle at him when he plays americans and Pennsylvanians, especialy. I didn't even think Dave was in it. I was going to change the channel but then there was Dave. I only reconized Dave by his voice. My eyes were watery and I could really see. All I remember him saying was that he was going to the University of PA.
On the subject of Dave and colds, it reminds me of this...
"I have a bit of a cold right now but it could esculate."- Dave in the sketch "Die in the Houde I Was Born In"
I love watching movies that have Dave in it before he was on KITH.

I've been on a Dave kick for a while.

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