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Wednesday, September 04, 2002

I love art class. And not just because of my teacher. I'm happy that I sit with people I know. But I always have to hear "Geri, your the best artist." You know she's the smartest kid in the school." "I wish I was as smart/ artistic like you."or the ones I hate "Why don't you ever talk?". I'm not as smart as people think I am. And I can't draw some things, i never could draw people's faces(I tried drawing Dave, but it was a disater), and I'm quite talkative. The teacher finally asked the question "Does she ever talk?" every theacher I had has asked it. He also siad that when I look at him it looks like I think he's crazy. When I'm in his class I always have a dreamy ditzy look. I can't remember what else was in the conversation.
I read some where that Paul Bellini's birthday is Sept. 12. Does anyone knowif it is for sure?

I love the pic of Dave in the last post. But it's kinda creepy. It's one of the few pics of him I like with his died hair.

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