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Wednesday, August 28, 2002

well i had a great first day o' school. i like some of my teachers. my science and geography seem like they are going to be mean. i love my art teacher. i like my english and math teachers alot too. that's basically all my teachers. i'm glad that emily is in two of my classes. it's a good thing that we have a class right before lunch or we would never be able to eat lunch together. i am really happy that Caleb is in two of my classes, math and our special class(art, music, library). He is so funny and reminds me of Kevin. english is gonna be one of my favourite classes. we are reading a lot of poetry and short stories. and plays and comedy sketches. im glad about the comedy sketches but they are mostly from vaudeville. we are going to read "Who's On First". i love "Who's On First". all i could think about when i found out that we were going to read it was the "Worst Vaudevillian" sketch.
I am going to change the blog again. This one is very confussing. And I can't figure any thing out.

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