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Thursday, August 15, 2002

Well I changed my blog, I like this one. And I have redisigned my main page of my KITH site. I'm redisigning the whole thing. Nothing really different.

Here's another survey thing...
Prank called someone: no
Been prank called: no
Fallen asleep in class: in second grade I did, but it was because I was sick
Been suspended since first grade: no
Been expelled: no
Contemplated suicide: a couple of times
Attempted suicide: no
Seen someone die: no
cut yourself: not on pupose
Slit your wrists: No
Flirty eye contacted someone in class: no
Fantasized about someone: yes
Kissed someone elses partner: No
Trashed a hotel room: No
Trashed someones home at a house party: no
Worried about your friends? yes
Had your friends worry about you? maybe
Told that you loved them: momsey
Complimented: myself
Spoke to on the phone: my aunt
Got an e-mail from: Justina
Spoke to on-line: noone
Bitched with: my brother
Missed: my friend Emily
Were excited about seeing: KITH
Wished you could see more of: KITH
Wished you would see less of: everyone but KITH
Fought with verbally: my brother
Fought with physically: my brother
Wanted to kiss: ?????
Had sex with: no one
Wanted to have sex with: ?????
Saw: my brother Ian
Swore at: Ian
Laughed at: myself
Have sex with: ?????
Like to have a philosophical talk about life with: Mark McKinney
Like to have as a best friend: Kevin McDonald
Bring back to life: I don't really know
Britney/Christina: Tammy
N.I.N/Marilyn Manson: neither
Blink 182/Jimmy Eat World: neither
Sepultura/Soulfly: ?
Incubus/Deftones: neither
Linkin Park/Limp Bizkit: neither
Papa Roach/Alien Ant Farm: AAF
The Ataris/The Vandals: i don't know who they are
No Doubt/Snake River Conspiracy: No Doubt
Disturbed/Mudvayne: neither
Kurt Cobain/Elvis: ?
Classical/Pop: classical
Punk/Ska: punk
Emo/Indie: ?
And another one...
01. favorite color: purple
02. favorite drink: ginger ale, tea, coffee
03. favorite computer accessory: cd player
04. favorite cookie: almond or ginger snaps
05. favorite author: LM Montgomery
06. favorite beatle: Paul
07. favorite way of getting caffeinated: drinking coffee
08. favorite chipmunk: Simon
09. favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip
10. favorite lover: ?
11. do you believe in love at first sight: kind of
12. do you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom: Of course.
13. do you put empty cartons back in the fridge: No
14. do you do things you know you shouldn't: not really
15. do you take responsibility: not really
16. do you have someone else's underwear: no
17. do you associate with people you don't even like: I try not to
18. do you have any psychological disorders: a couple
19. do you drink diet soda: not really
20. do you kiss on the first date: I've never been on a date
21. have you masturbated in front of someone: no
22. have you broken the law: no
23. have you had one too many to drink: no
23. have you stuffed cocoa puffs up your nose: No
24. have you backed into something: no?
25. have you graduated high school: I still got a lot more years
26. have you bitten someone until they bled: No
27. have you ever stolen a street sign: no
28. have you ever been kissed: no
29. have you ever been in a food fight: no
30. have you ever sucked helium: yes
31. what are you not doing: watching KITH
31. who are you talking to: myself
32. what are you wearing: green plaid shirt and my yellow monkey pants
33. what are you craving: coffee
34. what are you lusting: ?
35. what are you lacking: sleep
36. what are you going to do after this: add more lnks to my blog
37. what are you dependent on: my mum
38. what are you hoping: not have the summer be over in two weeks
39. what are you reading: this thing
40. what are you listening to: Chiquitita, ABBA
41. last movie you saw: brain candy
42. last person you touched: Ian
43. last person you yelled at: Ian
44. last time you got pissed: 15 minutes ago
45. last person you told you loved: my mom
46. last thing you drank: ginger ale
47. last year, what were you for Halloween: a witch I think
48. last year, you were: myself
49. last time you were on the phone: 3 or 4 hours ago
50. last song you heard: Having An Average Weekend
51. do you want to get married / divorced: Married, yes. Divorced, hopefully not.
52. do you want to have children: maybe one
53. do you want to tell certain people off: yes
55. do you want to be somewhere else: yes
56. do you want to be someone else: maybe
57. do you want to be famous: yes
58. do you want to go for a walk: no
59. do you want to hug anyone: no
60. do you want to make a difference: yes
61. how do you feel about PDA: ?
62. how do you feel about the other PDA: ?
63. how do you feel about alternative lifestyles: ?
64. how do you feel about president bush: I really don't know
65. how do you feel about birth control: I don't know
66. how do you feel about abusive relationships: I think they should be prevented, I don't know
67. How do you feel about the internet: I just love it
68. how do you feel about your family: they are my family
69. how do you feel about your friends: can be annoying
70. how do you feel about polygamy:
71. do you like jelly beans: I like them
72. do you like it when it rains: i love it
73. do you like to drive: I can't
74. do you like to eat out: yes
75. do you like being home: I'm usually home
76. do you like the people (or animals) you live with: the people no
77. do you like emo: ?
78. do you like Microsoft: maybe
79. do you like your name: Not really
80. do you like the person you ganked this from: ???
81. worst musical artist: to many to name
82. worst feeling in the world: sadness
83. worst color combination: yellow and purple
84. worst texture: dirty
85. worst taste to burp: ?
86. worst thing about people: everything
87. worst thing about outer space: there is so much of it
88. worst element on the periodic table: I can't really say
89. worst disease / infection to get: something incurable
90. worst position to sleep in: on your stomach
91. you are: myself
92. you are: worried
93: you are: a girl
94. you are: KITH fan
95. you are: weird
96. you are: smart
97. you are: sarcastic
98. you are: funny
99. you are: sad
100. you are: running out of answers
And another...
Who called you: my aunt
Slept in your bed: me
Saw you cry: my mom and Ian
Made you cry: me
Spent the night at your house: Emily
You shared a drink with: ?
You went to the movies: my dad
You went to the mall with: mom
Yelled at you: my mom
Said they were gonna kill you: Ian
Left the country: I went to Canada lots of times
Been so drunk you blacked out: I don't drink
Gone out in public in your pajamas: a couple of times
Set any body part on fire for amusement: no
Kept a secret from everyone: yes
Do you have a best friend: two
Who do you e-mail the most: my dad
Who of your friends have you known the longest: Emily
Who's the loudest: Ian
Who's the shyest: me
Who do you go to for advice: myself or my mum
Cried: no
Helped Someone: Ian
Been Mean: no
Gone out for dinner: no
Been Sarcastic: yes
Felt Stupid: no
Said I love you: no
Written a letter: no
Written a paper: no
Watched your favorite movie: I watched brain candy
Given someone a present: no
Had a Serious Talk: no
Missed Someone: yes
Hugged Someone: no
Felt Unwanted: maybe
Felt depressed: yes
Laughed until you cried: an hour ago
Went to the beach at night: never
Spent quality time alone: all the time
Read a book: two hours ago
Told someone you hated them: an hour ago
What are you wearing right now: I already answered that
Are you lonely: yes
Are you happy: i'm contented
Are you ready for this survey to end: yes
How long did this survey take you: 5-10 minutes
Do you like to talk on the phone: no
Do you have your own line: no
Do you like to dance: yes
Have u ever danced naked? no
Have you ever gone skinny dipping: no
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: yes
Have you ever broken/fractured a bone: no
Do you sing in the shower: all the time
Do you think cheerleading is a sport: not really
What is the hardest thing about growing up: being what you want to be

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