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Thursday, August 01, 2002

So far 4 people have taken my quiz. These are the results.
1. These were the people who took the quiz- Liz, Marie, Julieta, and Kara.
2. Every one got the right answer.
3. Every one got the question right.
4.The answers were all right.
5.The answers were correct.
6. All but one got the right answer.
7.One person didn't know.
8. One person got the question right.
9.Every one knew the answer.
10. Three people knew the answer.
11.No one knew the answer.
12. One person didn't know.
13.Everyone knew the answer.
14.Everyone got the answer right.
15.Everyone got the right answer.
16.No one knew.
17.Two people knew.
18.One person didn't get the right answer.
19.Everyone got it right.
20.Again everyone knew.
21.Everyone got the question right.
I can't really figure out who got what, I'm trying to figure it out. I do know that Kara and Liz got the most right.

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