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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

More survey results!
AM I A...
Wuss: kinda
Druggy: no
Daydreamer: kinda, I usally see oompah bands
Freak: not as much as the Chicken Lady but I am
Dork: ?
Bitch/Asshole: yes
Brat: I have always been considered one
Sarcastic: I'd never
Goody-goody: people at school think I am
Angel: my mom calls me that
Devil: maybe
Horny: no
Shy: in a crowd of strangers
talkative: yes
Adventurous: no really
Joker: around people I know
Flirty: I've never been considered that
Rubber gloves: doctor
Rock: stone
Green: Kevin
Wet: water
Cry: not sure
Peanut: elephant
Hay: cows
Cold: winter
Steamy: chicken
Fast: car
Freaky: Friday
Rain: clouds
Bite: bug
Suck: not sure
Blow: wind
Hard: ground
Smiled?: yes
Laughed?: yes
Cried?: for once no
Bought something?: glitter gel
Danced?: yes
Were sarcastic?: yes
Talked to an ex?: I don't have an ex
Watched your favorite movie?: not Brain Candy, I think i watched Same guys New Dresses
[[ What would you be doin? ]] - watching KITH
have you.....
01. fallen for your best friend?: I don't have any male friends
02. made out with JUST a friend?: no
03. been rejected?: yes
04. been in love?: yes
05. been in lust?: I guess so
06. used someone?: no
07. been used?: no
08. cheated on someone?: No
09. been cheated on?: No
10. been kissed?: no
11. done something you regret?: tons of times
who was the last person....
12. you touched?: my mom
13. you talked to?: momsey
14. you hugged?: mum
15. you instant messaged?: I don't have any one to
16. you kissed?: noone
17. you yelled at?: my mum
18. you laughed with? mother
19. you had a crush on?: ????????
21. who broke your heart?: don't think anyone has yet
do you...
22. colour your hair?: I want to die a red colour
23. have tattoos?: no
24. piercings?: ears
25. have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both?: no
26. floss daily?: not daily
27. own a web cam?: i can't figure how to hook it up
28. have aol?: that instant messanger
29. what are you wearing?: blue pants and shirt and a black coat
30. car?: my mom's
31. place?: home
32. thing to do on a rainy day?: watch tv or read
33. ... sunny day?: same as above
34. ... boring day?: same as above
35. ... good day?: be happy
36. ... bad day?: same as #32
37. friends?: Emily, Brittany, Jamie, Shannon, Chelsey
38. person?: KITH
]39. movie(s)?: Brain Candy
40. song(s)?: Happiness Pie
41. color(s)?: purple and green
42. food(s)?: yogert
43. drink(s)?: coffee, tea, ginger ale
44. memory?: don't really have one
45. physical features of the opposite sex?: don't really know
46. do you do in the mornings?: wake up get dressed eat breakfast watch tv or read talk my mum
47. ... afternoons?: watch KITH talk about KITH read go on the computer
48. ... evenings?: same as above
49. do you like to watch on daytime tv?: i usually watch the History Channel so yes kind of
50. ... evening tv?: I'm usually on the computer
51. makes you swoon?: huh?
52. makes the guys/girls swoon about you?: my intelligence, personality, wit
53. makes you happy: KITH
54. ... sad?: I'm usually depressed 24/7
55. ... mad?: alot of things
56. ... feel good?: KITH
57. would you rather be doing?: watching KITH
58. are you listening to?: my mom complaining
59. can you do anything freakish with your body?: not really
random questions:
60. chicken or fish?: Chicken
61. do you have a favorite animal?: I love kitty cats
62. why is ice cream the best thing in the world?: it's not te best thing in the world

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