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Friday, August 16, 2002

I'm just dreading going back to school. I have to go to a new building. But it's just across from the elementary building. I hate the thought. This 22nd I have to go to the "open house". I'll meet all my new teachers, get my locker combination, learn my way around the school, get my books, my schedule. I can't even be in the same classes with my friends. I have to go to gifted classes. Well it's a good thing Emily called me. We atleast can meet up with one another for open house. I haven't talked to her since the last day of school.
I wish Emily was a KITH fan. I tried showing KITH to her. But she didn't get it. I don't really think The Affair sketch was good to show her either. I don't really think I showed Brittany KITH. Noone else could have seen it. They are the only ones ever at my house. I don't like friends at my house and I don't like going to my friends houses. I've been friends with Emily since I moved to Susquehanna from Scranton in second grade and I have never saw the inside of her house. She thinks I'm a freak when I'm home because at school I'm quiet and stuck up, and she says I'm too sarcastic, I've always been told that. And at home she says I'm too talkative, a little jumpy, and I dress funny. I always dress up for my birthday in weird outfits. I told my mom this year I'm dressing at Jerry Sizzler. She said she won't let me have a party then. But that was a while ago, I did dress as Jerry Sizzler since then. Why? I don't know.
Why won't the pictures show up? They did one time and now they're not showing at all!

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