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Sunday, August 11, 2002

I just had take this quiz. I love persians, the one we had ran away.

Take the Purrsonality Quiz!
Well my dad finally watched the Kids. I have no idea what he even thinks of it. Sandy said it was funny but my mom laughs more at one sketch than they did in a entirer tape. I put on the "Best of Season 4" tape. He didn't really watch it. he came in while we were watching the one Steps sketch where Riley and Butch talk about gays and marriage. He thought they were really gay than my brother said the one is. So he thought Dave was than I said "Scott is, the one in the middle". He didn't really get any of the Jocelyn and Maudred sketches. I know he didn't know they were hookers. He didn't really laugh and he didn't say anything after it was over. It was a pretty boring weekend like any other one.
I was on comedy central's site and it said that Scott was going to be on Pulp Comics at 3am(eastern). I have never saw it but I imagine it is really funny.

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