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Monday, August 12, 2002

I found this thing somewhere and I decided to post it here... Gerilynn Smith
002.d.o.b.: December 7th
003.location: Susquehanna, PA
004.religion: Catholic
005.occupation: student
APPEARANCE... blond, short and fluffy
003.height: in between five feet and five feet two inces
001. clothing: smart and conservetive disco and dance
003.make up: I don't really wear any make- up
004.bodyart: none
001.wearing: a purple shirt and yellow pants with monkeys on them
002.listening to: the telly
003.thinking of: KITH
001.bought: the "Best of Season 4" tape
002.ate & drank: yogert and ginger ale Death of a Salesman
004.watched on tv: Fear Factor
EITHER/OR... or houseparty: club
002.tea or coffee: hard to answer, but coffee
003. achiever or slacker: achiever or cider: I don't drink either of those
005.drinks or shots: I don't drink
006.cats or dogs: cats
007.single or taken: single
008.pen or pencil: pen
009.gloves or mittens: gloves or candy: candy
011.cassette or cd: cd
012.coke or pepsi: coke
013.hard or mild alcohol: neither
014.matches or a lighter: ?
015.sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful: neither
016.Rickie lake or oprah winfrey: neither
001.kill: my brother
002.hear from: Justina
003.get really wasted with: ?
004.look like: myself like: Albert Einstein
006.avoid: my sister
001.touched: my mom, I don't know when
002.talked to: my brother Ian when he walked in the room talking about peaches
003.hugged: my mom
004.instant messaged: I don't instant message anyone
005.kissed: I can't recall
006.who broke your heart: noone
WHERE DO YOU... the kitchen or dinning room anywhere in the house
003.cry: anywhere in the house
004.wish you were: in Toronto
001.Dated one of your best friends?: no
002.Loved somebody so much it makes you cry?: yes
003.Drank alcohol?: no
004.Done drugs?: nothing illegal
005.Broken the law?: no
006.Ran away from home?: when I was four I ran away but only made it to the end of the street
007.Broken a bone?: no
008.Cheated on a test?: no
009.Skinny dipped?: no
010.Played Truth Or Dare?: yes
011.Flashed someone?: no
012.Mooned Someone?: no
013.Kissed someone you didn't know?: No
014.Been on a talk show/game show?: no
015.Been in a fight?: yes, mostly with my brother
016.Ridden in a fire truck?: once
017.Been on a plane?: no, I hate heights
018.Come close to dying?: no
019.Wanted to marry your Boy/Girlfriend?: no
020.Gave someone a piggy back/shoulder ride?: yes, my little sister
021.Eaten a worm/mud pie?: no
022.Swam in the ocean?: no
023.Had a nightmare/dream that made you wake up?: yes
001.The most embarrassing CD in your collection?: I have the Pokemon, the first movie soundtrack
002.Your bedroom like?: cluttered
003.Your favorite thing for breakfast?: coffee
004.Your favorite thing for lunch?: nothing
005.Your favorite thing for dinner?: chicken
006.Your favorite Restaurant?: Red Lobster
001.A Vegetarian?: i want to be one
002.A Good Student?: One of the top students of my class
003.Good At Sports?: no
004.wakeboarding/snowboarding?: neither
005.A Good Singer?: couldn't come close
006.A good Actor/Actress?: a great one, that's what everyone says
007.A deep sleeper?: kind of
008.A Good Dancer?: depends
009.Shy?: really, really shy
010.Outgoing?: around family and friends
011.A good storyteller?: people say I am
012.Last words?: Why did I take this?

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