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Thursday, August 22, 2002

Emily had a day full of KITH. First when she came we went up to my room. When we got there we were talking and she saw a picture of the Kids. I had to explain who they were. I decided to put Same Guys New Dresses. Ian came in and bugged me but we were talking about KITH and school. I did a Jerry Sizzler impression for her. She didn't get it. My brother kept laughing. I showed her my collection of KITH paper dolls(I made a bunch of characters into paper dolls). We went down stairs so i could show her my KITH website. She signed the guest book and my slambook, but used my user ID thing so if you read it the two answers were not from me. She is signed under Emily. She couldn't get over how much I'm obsessed with Kevin. We watched the Kids at 2 and she didn't laugh much. I loved it when momsey sang along with Smokin' On A Night Train Chewing On A Jellyroll. Emily really loves Cabbage head.
Well I had orientation(can't spell it) I hate it. I don't want to go back! I have so many teachers. And no classes with friends, but I have home room with Brittany. And my locker is right outside the classroom. But it's next to the the most hated person in my life, Tammy. I hate her! I'm glad I have extra art classes. I really like my new art teacher. And I have two math classes. Some of the teachers are strange. I'm just dreading going back!

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