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Wednesday, July 24, 2002

KITH are you most like?

I made my mom take the quiz and she got Brucio. I was sure she would get Scott.
I really do hate my KITH website. I think it looks stupid. I'm going to change the whole layout... again. I've been thinking about different ways I could design it. I think I'll go with a plaid look. Plaid is my favourite pattern. I always wear plaid.
I was watching the Kids these past weeks and found that there are charaters that aren't mentioned on any KITH sites. I found these characters, alot of them do not have names. A detective, played by Dave, is in 4 or 5 sketches with the cops. A janitor, played by Bruce, was in the sketches "Who's To Blame For The Rain" and "Knocked Unconcious". Hillary, played by Mark, was in the sketches "Videos" (withDean and Lex), "Why Did They Take The Word Gay", and "Old Lady Falls Down". I have more but I can't remember them.

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