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Friday, July 26, 2002

Today was another boring day, spent in front of the television. The best part of the day was when I watched the Nutty Bunnies sketch. I just love that sketch. And in my opinion, nutty bunny #3 is always the cutest bunny. My brother signed my KITH website's guest book. He put down that it sucks. I had no idea that Mark was his favourite, Bruce had always been his favourite. And Gavin was always his favourite character. But his favourite quote isn't "I'm nutty bunny #2, I love me and I love you.", when I asked him what it was he told me that it was "Scootie, your bruther Lyle's in a wee bit o' troble. Scootie, put down that book. Scootie, wake up you cheap, drunken bastard". I asked him why didn't he put that down, he said it would of took him to long to write that. He always laughs at it when I say it with a Scottish accent.
My grandmother now knows what her (favourite) granddaughter has been obessing about. She watched the Kids in the Hall. Yesterday she called and was talking to my mom, and said that she had the Kids on. First thing she said was "Isn't that the guy from News Radio?", when ever I show a family member a picture of the Kids, they always say that or "that looks like the guy from News Radio." When I showed my dad my site he said "That looks like the guy from News Radio", I guess my family likes the show News Radio. Since my mom told every one about my website, everyone wants to see it. I have no clue why. Noone knows who they are. Back to my grandmother and KITH. My mother told me that she was laughing at it and didn't say it was stupid. All my mom wanted her to do was watch the Chicken Lady at the Strip Show sketch. My mom absolutely loves that sketch. She signed my guest book, and put down that that sketch was her favourite. She also put "THE CHICKEN LADY RULES", I have no clue why. Why couldn't she put down what my dad did, just her name. Then, they were talking about Kevin. My grandmother asked who is the guy that Geri likes? My mom told her the guy with the curly hair. She couldn't believe it. She thought that I like Dave, I told her that Dave was my favourite along time ago when I was a Dave fan. My mom told me that she liked the Satan character. She was watching Bruce's Regrets sketch. She didn't get it when he had the cabbage on his head, my mom told her that's cabbage head. She didn't get the concept of Mr. Tisic or the concept of the On The Subject Of Me sketches.
As I was saying before, I was a Dave fan. They all,individualy, besides Bruce, have been my favourites. First it was Mark, he was one of my favourite SNL cast members, ever since I saw him on SNL he was my favourite, that's how I started watching the Kids. Then it was Scott. My mom and me were big Scott fans. I found notebooks that I wrote in and some are just about Scott. Next was Dave. For the longest time I was a Dave fan, I tried to see every one of his movies. I didn't see them all. I watched every epidsode of News Radio. Now I'm a Kevin fan and I think I will always be one. I'm not saying I don't like Bruce, I love them all, it's just I tend to become more obsessed with one of them. I love all the Kids.
I was watching the "Girl Drink Drunk" sketch and Kevin's charater has two differant names. You can tell that they are the same people because they have the same first name and look exactly the same. Dave calls Kevin Mr.Barnes when they are at the bar and when Dave gos to talk to Kevin at his office the secretary calls Kevin Mr. Miller.
Another weird thing that I noticed is Nina is in a sketch were she is going to go out on a date, but in sketches that she was in before this sketch she was always married to Scott's character, who is either named Murry or Bram.
I came up with another character. I was watching the Cabbage Head Wants A Date sketch and the lady who Mark, named Emily, plays looks similar to the lady that he plays in the Butt Freak Film Buff sketch.
I guess I'll go. I'm trying to figure out a way to fix the vcr so I can finally tape the Kids.

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