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Thursday, July 04, 2002

I think I'm crazy. I've been watching the kids at 3 in the morning everyday since Monday, it's always me alone not really alone my brothers sleep down stairs, but I'm the only one awake.I can't see how a person can go to sleep at 4 in the morning and wake up at 8 not one bit tired. But I like staying up and watching the Kids, I like wathching them before bed I think it helps me sleep better, plus the epidsodes that have been on are ones that I haven't seen. If you watch the epidsode on wednsday morning it was the compilation epidsode of season five I loved the Buddy Cole sketch the Care and Keeping of a Male Slave I laughed till it hurt. I loved Kevin in it, I don't know if you saw it but I love the part when Kevin starts playing with the light socket and get shocked from it and he just lays on the floor and flentches(sp?) and shakes. The next day my mom said tomy brother to get away from the outlet, I immediately thought of Kevin and ended up rolling on the floor laughing. I wish the Kids were on today. I had to setle with my Best of Season One and Two tape. I only watched two sketches, Headcrusher: Old Lady/ Battle and Reg, I wanted to watch more but it's so hot in my room I had to go down stairs because i couldn't stand it. I can't stand it now :( Also The Out-of-Towners was on, it was funny because my mom was flipping through the channels and she put on Comedy Central, I asked her to leave it for a second, and when I lefted my head from my notebook, there I saw Mark. It was right on time. Most of my family doesn't think I like any other Kids besides Kevin, and my step-sister still thinks Dave is my favourite. I don't have a favourite. I like them all equally. I might favour Kevin just a little bit more, but I still don't have a favourite. That doesn't really make sense but... Anyways, they think I only watch the Kids because of Kevin. I don't get it, I liked the kids even before I liked Kevin.

If you don't know this but Blast From The Past is going to on this friday at 8(eastern) 7(central) on Fox. Why am I posting this? Because Dave's in it! He playes a gay guy who kind of reminds me of his character Riley from Steps. He is funny in it. But really feminent.

I love the On The Subject Of Me sketches.

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