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Monday, July 22, 2002

I just took these two quizzes and it seems that I am 79% and 89% annoying. My mother always said that I am really annoying. Now there are tests to prove it. I made my brother take that "Whice Kid are you" quiz and he turned out to be Kevin. I was really surprised. I thought he would be more like Bruce. I mean Bruce is even his favourite Kid( even though he isn't into the Kids). And it seems that if you take the quiz you usually turn out to be your favourite Kid. Well, I guess later on in the day I'll have my mother take it. She'll probably get Scott(he is her favourite) or Mark. My mom is somewhat into KitH but that's because she has to watch them every day and hear me go off about them. But she nows alot about them, she knows alot of the sketches and the characters. And I am surprised to find out that there are other people in Susquehanna that heard of KitH. The lady who cut my hair use to watch them. And my step-sister's friend watches them but doesn't know anything about them. My mom was telling me when they first started the show, she said that they said that the Kids were a bunch of college kids and that they weren't funny. I told her that when the pilot came out Scott and Mark were 30, Bruce and Kevin were 28, and Dave was 26. She now regrets not watching them. My mom and I do talk about them, though. We sat outside the night before and sang "Smoking On A Night Train Chewing On A Jellyroll". She knows the sketches, she was telling my step-father about Scott's one monolgue, sorry if it's spelled wrong, Faggo. She memorized most of the lines but I had to step in and tell her the correct line. Then Saturday morning I was watching the Kids on Comedy Central, and it was the one epidsode with the Tammy sketch "I'm Not Gonna Spread For No Roses". She was singing it. She has even sang "Running Faggot", I had to sing to(I love that sketch), at the kitchen table. She gets mad at me when I tell her she looks like the Chicken Lady. She does. Except she's not as pale or has white curly hair or feathers. I wish I could get my dad into them, I'm thinking about bringing Brain Candy to his house this weekend. But I know how my dad is and he will think they are the dumbest thing in the world.

I was talking to him about not being able to go see them. He said why didn't you ask me to take you?, I'm now regreting not asking him. Then, I find out that he was going to take me to see SNL for my birthday, but then I told him you have to be 15 or older to go see it.

I'm going to hate this summer even more than before. I'm getting glasses. I've always had glasses. But, I've never used them, I just hate the way they look. They are the same glasses as Kathy's or Gavin's. But hopefully I can get ones i will like. But that's not the bad part of the summer. I love wearing glasses, I just hate the glasses I have. My mother was talking to me about going to the dentist, she told me that I probably will have to get braces. I hate braces. My cousin has them and she says they are the worst things to have. But I'll only have to get the top row done. I hope so. I told her I'll be just like Melanie. The way she(or he) acts, and looks. I act like alot of the characters. Mostly Melanie, the Nobody Likes Us Guys, Mr. Tisic, Jerry Sizzler(both), Smitty, Mr. Tisane, the Bearded Lady, Hecubus, and Fran. But I'm mostly like Gavin, Kathy, Lex Hare, Sir Simon, and Darril.

I've been thinking about what character I mostly resemble. I would have to say Kathy and Jean Terrance. My brother looks kind of like Gavin. My mom the Chicken Lady:) Shona, and Fran.

I'm a little bored, as you can tell, I mean I've been thinking about the characters I'm like and whice ones I resemble. I think I'm going to go now. I'm kind of tired but I'm just going to watch the telly. And fall asleep on the couch and wake up at 8, even though I'll go to sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning.

Just out these two together and you would get me.

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